The Real Significance of Brexit for Russia


The initial shock and turmoil of Brexit is starting to give way to the normalities of daily life here in the UK but something has definitely changed and it is my belief that this has very little to do with the EU.  The Remainers decry that the Brexit vote was a “protest vote” attempting thereby to belittle it. They are right that in many ways the Brexit vote was a protest vote but this does not in any way belittle it. The chattering classes are fearful that the ‘great unwashed’ have been allowed to speak for the first time in decades. Its makes them nervous and the prosecco they drink in their Tuscan villas this summer doesn’t taste quite as good as it did before.  To look at how we came to this place we need to look at the history of post-war Britain and the rise and rise and rise of the Liberal Elite. 

Soon after the Second World War the Liberal Elite set about transforming Europe and the UK, once and for all destroying (or so they thought) any connection of peoples to the traditions and cultures of their lands. In Britain this was done firstly through enforced mass immigration from the British colonies – something about which the British working class (ie those most affected) were never consulted.

It was done even openly with the intent of once and for ever destroying the cultural, racial and religious homogeneity of the British people. Following this came revolutions in legislation intended to impose the liberal, pluralistic and secular idea of society upon the people in the realms of sexuality and public discourse.

The screws were tightened year on year until we reached the hyper sensitive ultra-political-correctness of today. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the realm of education.  Recently a British local council asked primary school children (aged 4 and up) to “choose their sex”, writing "We recognise that not all children and young people identify with the gender they were assigned at birth or may identify as a gender other than male or female, however the current systems (set nationally) only record gender as male or female.Please support your child to choose the gender they most identify with.Or if they have another gender identity please leave this blank and discuss with your child's school."

Also recently while working in my university library in London I noticed that the college was flying the rainbow flag from the top of the building. Going up to Norwich University I again noticed the same thing; the rainbow flag was flying in place of the union flag.  The rainbow flag is the chosen flag of the Thought Police here in the UK, its presence is supposed to strike fear and trepidation into anyone harbouring secret “traditionalist” thoughts.  This atmosphere permeates not only educational establishments but also the workplace and recreational establishments.

There is simply no escape from it. I believe that very soon people will be required to sign a declaration in support of LGBT rights (including so-called gay “marriage”) in order to be allowed to work in any capacity for the state. Dark times lie ahead. 

Of course LGBT is only one small part of the whole secular-liberal assault on traditionalist peoples and I will not bore the reader with the similar pressure that exists concerning any discussion of race, immigration, religion (particularly in regards to a frank discussion of Islam), feminism and so on. In all of this it can be assumed that whilst it is absolutely forbidden to defend one’s own traditional beliefs in public, that it is absolutely de rigueur to insult, belittle and humiliate Christians and the British working class – these two now being at the bottom of the social scale. In a nation that not so very long ago regarded itself as a Christian country, Christians are regarded (at best) as simpletons and retarded (admitting you are a Christian at work will get you ‘knowing glances’ or outright hostility) and at worst as dangerous counter-cultural fifth-columnists who secretly want to wreck the liberal-secular one dimensional paradise in which we live. 


The thing about Brexit is the huge variety of the people who voted for it, for it was not just the British white working class. What is certain is that no one from the London Liberal Elite voted for  Brexit because it was first and foremost a vote against political correctness. It was a vote from people who are sick and tired of being preached to about equality from university professors and plutocrats with gold-plated expense accounts. And this is where Russia is really missing a trick.

Putin must appeal directly in his speeches to the people who voted against Brussels. He must appeal first and foremost to those people in Britain who are tired of the Liberal Elite which has imposed this world upon them.

He absolutely must appeal directly to Christians who now feel like second class citizens in their own countries. He must appeal to anyone who holds traditionalist beliefs and this includes not only Christians but Jews and (yes) Muslims. This is the real diversity which the rainbow flag brigade so hate.  He must appeal directly to the people of Britain and of Europe who are suffering under the yoke of secularist liberalism. But this appeal must not be done in vague and lukewarm terms; it must be done with precision and great sincerity. How many times have I heard the most diverse people express admiration (usually in secret it has to be said) for Vladimir Putin, from plumbers to priests and even (yes) university lecturers.  Certainly we traditionalist Christians look with hope and expectation to Russia, but will she hear our call?