Greater Eurasia. Opportunity or Downsizing for Russia?


In recent years the idea of Greater Eurasia seems to constitute the main strategic reference of Russian foreign policy. However, as many analysts observe, the outlines of this idea are still largely uncertain, if not contradictory. In particular, it is difficult to clearly distinguish its relationship with other recent Russian intellectual and political ventures such as Eurasianism, Eurasian Economic Union (EUAE) and Turn to East.

Does Joe Biden need a new war?


The current dominant system or US establishment would use the invisible dictatorship of compulsive consumerism of material goods to nullify the ideals of the primordial individual and transform him into an uncritical, fearful and c

America’s battle over the nature and direction of change itself


Despite the GOP Old Guard attempted ‘counter-revolution’ (talking 25th Amendment action), the divisions between the two Americas are now so great that it can only mean ultimately a de-coupling of the ‘across the aisle’ chumminess (even if this has to be postponed until the 2022 congressional election round).

‘Thinking Machiavelli, Acting Mussolini’


In the Middle East, the Shi’a – widely - are enjoying a renaissance, just at the moment when the Sunni ‘old’ establishment is convulsed with fear at being overwhelmed by the region’s Shi’a. Cultural virility can trump repression, as Iran is showing. And the correct response to a cultural resurgence is almost never a ‘military option’. 

How to Compete in Cyberspace


The good news is that each of the military’s service branches has made great strides in transforming cyberspace operations into more of a profession and less of a trade. A decade ago, military personnel rotated out of cyber positions frequently, whereas now, the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines have encouraged professionalization by offering personnel in this area repeat assignments, specialized training, and incentive pay.

Will Biden Continue Trump's Troop-Pullout Policy in Afghanistan?


America is not a single reality. There are the American people, there is the American political system and then there's the deep state that controls most important aspects of America's existence, production and distribution of its wealth. The real intention of the deep state is to maintain its hegemonic status quo through the use of the powers of various Western nations, most notably the US