Requiem for an Empire: A Prequel


Assaulted by cognitive dissonance across the spectrum, the now behaves as a manic depressive inmate, rotten to the core – a fate more filled with dread than having to face a revolt of the satrapies.

Two Types Of Foreign Policy


Each century of international relations is marked by the initiatives of a few exceptional men. Their approach to their countries’ foreign relations is based on common principles.

What’s The SCO’s Game Plan For Afghanistan?


The SCO would do well to coordinate its members’ efforts to contain Afghan-emanating regional terrorist threats such as ISIS-K, encourage a political compromise between Kabul and the Taliban, and devise a plan for developing the war-torn country’s

Karl Haushofer and the lost tradition of Geopolitics


Famous American political geographer and theorist Nicholas J. Spykman once said; “Ministers could come and go, even dictators die, but the mountain ranges stand unperturbed”. It is an established fact that the geographical conditions, which refers to the physical territory of the state, have remained the true determinant of International Politics. For centuries, geography has played a pivotal role in determining state power and influence in international politics. For instance, ancient Rome heroically destroyed Carthage due to its immense and strategic geography. Likewise, the defeat of Great European warrior Napoleon in Russia happened due to his lack of understanding of the Russian geographical conditions.