Techno geopolitics: global trends


 In his classic work "Democratic Ideals and Reality", Halford Mackinder pointed out that the development of the economy of Britain and Germany in the 19th century and the subsequent actions of the governments of these countries that led to the Fir

Where Does NATO Enlargement End?


After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the Warsaw Pact dissolved, the breakup of the USSR began. But the dissolution did not stop with the 14 Soviet "republics" declaring their independence of Moscow. Decomposition had only just begun.

US-Israel Agreement to Attack Iran?


The successive Jewish military offensives against Gaza and the West Bank have always been protected by the "spiral of silence" of the main world mass media controlled by the transnational Jewish lobby, a theory formulated by the German political s

Paid to Hate Putin


It seems that National Review Editor Rich Lowry never tires of carrying water for the sponsors of his magazine, whether it’s the high-tech