Brexit and Its Enemies


The UK is preparing to vote in a referendum on the country's membership in the European Union. The referendum will start tomorrow – the 23rd of June. The prospect of the British voting for the UK to leave the EU can seriously change the geopolitical picture of the world. However, the position of the world's elite suggests that such an outcome is unlikely.

Why was a referendum called?

The reason for holding the referendum indeed is a political game of British Prime Minister David Cameron. In seeking for his country concessions from the EU and the special conditions of membership, he supported the initiation of the referendum process. Thus, he blackmailed the EU with the threat of leaving the Union. When all possible concessions were made, Cameron turned from a moderate "eurosceptic" into a strong EU supporter. The British government is committed to not letting the situation get out of control, and now officially supports the campaign for EU membership.

Chance for new forces

Counter-system and sovereigntist forces led by the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) use the situation to their advantage. They have been advocates for the idea of an exit from the EU for a long time. The main arguments of the ‘Leave’ supporters is the undemocratic nature of the EU structure, which ignores the British position at the European level, the spread of crisis associated with mass migration, sectarian clashes, and religious conflicts, the use of bureaucratic EU mechanisms for the promotion of the interests of non-UK large companies, and the membership’s negative influence on certain sectors of British industry. Recent regional elections held in May 2016 showed an increase in the number of supporters of UKIP.

Simulacrum of powers

In order to prevent the growth in popularity of the counter-system party, representatives of the system parties created a Eurosceptical platform called ‘Vote Leave’, as opposed to the campaign ‘Leave.EU’ initiated by UKIP. ‘Vote Leave’ received the status of an official platform for the withdrawal from the EU, and received appropriate funding from the budget and the right to participate in televised debates. Major media persons officially campaigned for the withdrawal from the EU - former Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Tory MP Michael Gove, as well as Labor MP Gisela Stuart.

Supporters of the EU

Despite the massive propaganda campaign by the British government and the European Union, which terrifies the British with the "catastrophic" consequences of leaving the EU, British public opinion is divided roughly in half. The pro-EU stance is actively supported by the whole "progressive community": bankers, financial speculators, and George Soros personally, all EU leaders, US President Barack Obama, LGBT community (sodomites and other perverts), leadership of the Conservative and Labour parties, the UK's largest multi-billionaires, left and liberal intellectuals, and the leading media holdings.


Last week's polls showed that for the first time the number of supporters of Brexit has exceeded the number of opponents. By a strange coincidence, Labour MP Joe Cox was murdered, who spoke in favour of Britain's EU membership. Eurosceptics were immediately accused of the murder. The media began a massive campaign, using the murder of Joe Cox in order to persuade the British people to vote for the EU. This tactic continues to bring success. Inspired by the murder of Cox, MP Yvette Cooper (also Labour) on the eve of the referendum said that she and her children were threatened by opponents of the European Union.

US against

The main foreign ally and "patron" of Great Britain are officially opposed to the UK’s exit from the EU. The US needs the UK to act as a conduit for American interests in the European Union. During his visit to the UK, Barack Obama said that the United States hopes that Britain would help the United States to promote the initiative of the Transatlantic Partnership on the European level.