Welcome to hell: Greece becomes first Orthodox country to legalize sodomite unions

The Greek Parliament has approved a bill that grants sodomite couples rights to a so-called civil union. The law resolves property and inheritance issues, but makes no provision for the adoption of children. Pro-western liberals celebrate it, whilst the Orthodox majority mourns.


The first or the last?

Discourse in different media sources outlines the growing controversy in global society on such a sensitive topic as sodomite unions and other ways of distortion of traditional Christian values such as family and marriage.  Atlanticist and liberal media are welcoming the approval of the law. They label Greece as “one of the last European countries to give legal recognition (to sodomite unions- Katehon.com) after years of opposition from the influential Orthodox Church”. On the opposite side, conservative media labels Greece as the first Orthodox country to approve such kind of law and criticizes current Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras for executing a pro-atlanticist policy besides his initial anti-austerity and anti-Brussels position.

Voted in favor

193 lawmakers out of 249 present in the Parliament supported the law. Most of them are leftist  - such as SIRIZA and PASOK.

Voted against

Only 55 members of Parliament voted against the bill. This voting united such sworn enemies such as the ultra-conservative party “Golden Dawn” and Communists as well as a group of lawmakers from  the“Independent Greeks” party headed by the country’s Minister of Defense Panos Kammenos.

The position of the Church

The Greek Orthodox Church and Holy Kinot of Mount Athos from the very beginning were openly against this initiative calling it a provocation and challenge to the Greek people. Metropolitan Amvrosios of Kalavryta ordered churches in his diocese to sound funeral bells “in mourning” over the bill.