Brexit is a gateway for continued British world domination


The EU summit in Brussels at the end of June and the NATO summit in Warsaw at the beginning of July, following the Brexit referendum for Great Britain’s exit from EU, made clear that the US and EU are in the process of supporting a soft British transition away from the EU. At the press conference in Warsaw, the EU and NATO provided a broad understanding for the new British foreign policy and geo-strategic repositioning. It is not just in terms of a British desire for renewed and friendly relations with China and Russia, but in terms of Great Britain having control over the new geopolitical processes of creation a strong Eurasian block. More important is that Brexit secured the City of London’ s central and extremely powerful position in the world financial governance. In this modern world it is well known that those who control finance, control everything. Thus, Brexit is a gateway through which Great Britain attempts to  remain master of the world. The US and EU, in this sense, are only giants with not much in the way of brains, who place themselves in the position of small British pawns to secure its mastery. The US became “a creature” who, for the sake of Great Britain, is doing the dirty jobs around the globe, military coups, small and big wars alike, hybrid wars, asymmetric wars, training and supporting terrorist networks etc., and EU is a “clown” in the British yard who should be used as a base for NATO troops in the pending conflict with Russia. Only Great Britain keeps its “hands clean” from everything! 

The new foreign minister Boris Johnson, who is known as a “Fan” of China, during his first meeting with European counterparts in Brussels, confirmed furthermore that the UK wants to have a leading role in Europe. Soon after the Brexit result, European leaders urged the British leadership to declare promptly an official request to start separation process from EU. But, evidently Britain does not rush to exit from EU. The British Prime minister Theresa May, after the meeting in Berlin, stated that they need time to prepare a good application for separation and it cannot be done earlier than the end of the year. Obviously, they want to gain time and to await the outcome of the US elections in November.

The United Kingdom is now completely free, nothing binds it to other countries in Europe, it has become a 'free agent' in the geopolitical sense, which will reflect badly upon the EU.

From a geopolitical perspective, Great Britain determined that the United States is no longer the world's dominant power either economically nor militarily, and from within the EU, Britain cannot accept even parity with let alone the certain domination by, Germany. Being aware that the Eurasian bloc is increasingly becoming a serious reality, Britain resolved in time to catch up with the new geopolitical processes and to achieve close relations with China and Russia. Although there are no major signs of bilateral rapprochement with Russia, for China it is very obvious. For example, the City of London will be able to use Brexit to develop the market of the Chinese yuan. The London Stock Exchange announced an agreement with the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS), and, in June, became the primary Stock Exchange in the world to rate Chinese treasury bonds. All the elements were in place to transform the City into a Chinese Trojan Horse in the European Union, to the detriment of US supremacy. Besides, it may develop its activities as a “tax haven” for Europeans, having on mind that last March, the London Stock Exchange, which manages the exchanges of the City and Milan, revealed its project of fusion with the Deutsche Börse, which manages the Stock Exchange of Frankfort, the clearing house for Clearstream and Eurex. 

The City of London is not directly concerned by Brexit. Because of its particular status as an independent state placed under the authority of the Crown, it has never been part of the European Union. It appears that China will open its door with a bit of naivety, forgetting that on the other side of the “carrot” is the “stick” of the British pawn - the US with its anti-China policy in the South China Sea.

That’s why some information suggesting that Brexit was planned in the kitchen of the City’s elites in order to prevent the application of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) rules, seems logical. With TTIP will be no right to confidentiality and protection of the bank accounts in the EU countries. Although along with the US, the UK was a fierce advocate of imposing TTIP to all the countries that want to participate in global trade, leaving the EU in the UK are no longer binding rules of TTIP. TTIP has garnered controversy across Europe but was enthusiastically promoted by the British government, with David Cameron saying he wanted the deal to go through. Since the UK’s referendum, numerous European politicians have come forward to express doubts over the direction of the deal. Expectations of reaching a deal before President Barack Obama leaves office in January 2017 are now low. His likely successors, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, are both – in varying degrees – critical of TTIP and unlikely to make it a priority issue. If it comes to deal for TTIP, Britain will do it bilaterally with his own conditions.

Besides the TTIP, the EU is left exclusively under the influence of the US, as was confirmed with the NATO summit in Warsaw. Also, it is expected that in the future, the EU will not be able to resist the anti-cohesion trends, and the forces of entropy once started cannot be stopped. Analysts predict that globally, the EU will split even though it will take some time. 

One of the most important outcomes of the Summit of the leaders of the EU member states on June 28-29, was the adoption of the new global EU strategy. The aim of the global EU strategy as explained in the document, is to restore the idea of forming an independent military structure that can act independently of NATO and USA. But this EU Strategy was valid for ten days only - until July 8, 2016 and the NATO Summit in Warsaw. Then it became clear that there is nothing of greater autonomy of the EU. In Warsaw the unity between the US-EU-NATO was confirmed. That means that the EU must accept TTIP, to agree to deploy 3000-4000 NATO troops in the countries at the Russian border, and for the first time they issued a declaration for common NATO-EU security strategy. 

So, Great Britain is everywhere and nowhere, most probably it is behind the scene like a powerful puppet master! And Brexit is a perfect cover-up operation!