The Two Undersides to Geo-Politics


The point here is two-fold: China is setting the scene to challenge a fiat dollar, at a sensitive moment of dollar weakness. And secondly, China is placing ‘facts on the ground’ -- shaping standards from the bottom up, through widespread overseas adoption of its technology.  

Geopolitics of American elections


This is no longer just an elected campaign - this is the first stage of a full-fledged Civil War. In this war, two Americas collide - two ideologies, two democracies, two freedoms, two identities, two mutually exclusive value systems, two politicians, two economies and two geopolitics.

Trump Vs. Biden: First Debates


On September 29, the first debate took place in the United States between the main candidates for the post of the American president - Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. This is the first round  out of three for the candidates.