Today, the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba turns 19. Nearly two decades ago, detention operations commenced when the first C-17 carrying 20 detainees arrived at the 45-square-mile American outpost on the southeastern tip of Cuba.

Democrats Launch Their Assault on Red State America


The  corrupt and evil Establishment, acting through the Democrat Party with the backing of the monopoly over all communications and the monetary and power interests of the military/security complex and Wall Street, and strengthened by the Identity Politics hatreds, which extend into the universities, public schools, bar associations, corporations, and judiciary, and the indoctrination seminars that white males are forced to undergo, has achieved more power than Stalin and Hitler could imagine.

Present at the Destruction


American democracy cannot work if one of its major parties rejects the notion of loyal opposition and defines itself not in terms of what it can do but only in terms of what it can prevent.