Anyone Who’d Support Going To War Over Taiwan Is A Crazy Idiot


Taiwan has been in the news a lot lately, and it’s really bringing out the crazy in people. The mass media have been falsely reporting that China has been encroaching on Taiwan’s “air defense zone”, which gets stretched into the even more ludicrous claim that China “sent warplanes flying over Taiwan”. In reality Chinese planes simply entered an arbitrarily designated area hundreds of miles from Taiwan’s coast it calls its “Air Defence Identification Zone”, which has no legally recognized existence and contains a significant portion of China’s mainland. This is likely a response to the way the US and its allies have been constantly sailing war ships into disputed waters to threaten Beijing.

The Fate of the Sixth Column: When Will it End?


You’ve probably noticed that in Russia the campaign against the liberal fifth column is gradually gaining momentum. This is related to the consolidation of the status of foreign agents for a number of media outlets and individual figures. Increasingly, the authorities are resorting to a completely justified classification of a number of liberal and pro-Western groups that are actively acting in order to destabilize society as extremism. What for decades got away with Navalny, Roman Dobrokhotov and other radical anti-state figures are finally beginning to qualify properly. Like a crime. Working for the collapse of your country in the interests of the enemy powers is, of course, a crime. In all senses. And it must be followed by punishment.

From ‘Managerial Revolution’ to The Great Reset


As a staunch Malthusian, Kissinger believed that “nature” had provided the means to cull the herd, and by using economic policies that utilised the courting of the plague, famine and so forth, they were simply enforcing a natural hierarchy which was required for global stability.