Master/slave summit


One might well consider the UN an institution that embodied a bipolar world order, in which the competition between the two world systems was seen as legitimate and limited by certain rules. The most influential body was the UN Security Council, in which the largest (later nuclear) powers were present - five of them permanent with veto power (USA, Russia, China, England, France). In fact, this composition of the UN Security Council is a vivid illustration of strategic parity.

The EU’s Strategic Balance Sheet


“The United States will be hosting the online Summit for Democracy on 9 and 10th December, 2021, empowering itself to define who is to attend the event and who is not, who is a ‘democratic country’ and who is not … this will stoke up ideological confrontation and rift in the world, creating new ‘dividing lines’”: So write (jointly) the Ambassadors of Russia and China accredited to Washington.