Why America is the World’s Most Uniquely Cruel Society


Any theory of being American must explain one salient and striking fact: cruelty. America is the most cruel nation among its peers — even among most poor countries today. It is something like a new Rome. It has little, if any, functioning healthcare, education, transport, media, no safety nets, no stability, security. The middle class is collapsing, and life expectancy is falling. Young people die for a lack of insulin they cannot crowdfund. Elderly middle-class people live and die in their cars. Kids massacre each other in schools — when they’re not self-medicating the pain of it all away. The combination of these pathologies happens nowhere else — not a single place — in the world. Not even Pakistan, Costa Rica, or Rwanda. Hence, the world is aghast daily at the depths of American cruelty — yet somehow, they seem bottomless.

Ecology As A Weapon Of Globalism


Members of the G7 regularly try to impose their rules and standards on other countries, rules and standards that limit sovereignty and infringe on national interests.



The renewed national security doctrine is much more sharply defined by the imperative of sovereignty. The main priority is declared the freedom and independence of Russia as a great power. The growing pressure from Western hegemony is openly recorded. A strict orientation towards traditional values ​​and the development of their own Russian national idea is being asserted.  If we only follow this patriotic line, the following picture emerges: Russia, as a besieged fortress, is desperately fighting for its sovereignty, turning to mobilization, turning to Tradition, culture and deep historical roots of the Russian people and other Eurasian ethnic groups in solidarity with Russians in their destiny, statehood and history.