Sodomites take over China

An unprecedented event occurred in China. A couple of sodomites in Changsha demanded the recognition of their cohabitation legal marriage by the local court. The court heard the case for a few hours before deciding in favor of recognition. In addition, the perverts demanded to recognize as illegal the actions of local authorities that refuse to register their "marriage".

The first precedent

This is the first case of its kind in China. The country does not legally prohibit sodomy, but perversion is condemned in society. Traditional Chinese society knows no such thing as a "gay marriage."

The meaning of gender ideology

Gender ideology, which is part of this innovation, dominates the modern west. This is a natural development of the liberal ideology with its extreme individualism and the aim to liberate individuals from the oppressive cohesion of collective identity. It is believed that the individual has the right to identify with any gender of his/her/its choice. China, in contrast, is a hyper-collectivist society, thus gender ideology in China threatens the very foundations of national identity.

Overton window

The precedent of demanding the recognition of a "gay marriage" is part of the Overton Window strategy applied to China. Initially, the previously taboo topic began to be widely discussed; society then became accustomed to it, and after some time began to take it for granted. Consequently, the “opening” of China to Western decriminalization of perversion occurred. In 2001, sodomy ceased to be considered a mental illness.

The official Western strategy

Dissemination of sodomy and the recognition of sodomite "marriage" is part of the official foreign policy strategy of the US and the West in general. China's integration into the global world requires a fundamental change of the Chinese identity. Last year, for the first time, students from China were able to obtain a Rhodes scholarship, established by known globalists and British imperialists the century before. It is significant that primarily liberals and LGBT activists abroad received the money for education.