The Crisis of Science: Does Atom Exist?


What Husserl clearly understood and brilliantly explained, scientists themselves began to understand. So, for example, in quantum mechanics, the process itself depends on the position and even on the very presence of the observer. In Einstein’s theory of relativity, the structure of time also becomes relative, which also depends on where we place the subject on the timeline. And if we assume the processes occurring at a speed greater than the speed of light, then time – beyond the limit of Minkowski space – becomes reversible. Modern superstring theory associates measurement structures with the calibration of the world sheet and the spirits of Fadeev-Popov, which also refers specifically to the subject.

The Enlightenment, the Soviet Union, and the Revival of an Enlightened Civilization


   By the term “Enlightenment,” we refer to a movement of intellectual change that penetrated Europe (and America) during the eighteenth century. It aimed essentially to emancipate human reason from the thraldom of prejudice and superstition (and especially from the feudal ethos and institutions) and to apply it to the cause of social and political reform. A common characteristic of the Enlightened thinkers was a belief in “progress.” According to the idea of progress, humanity has begun its history in ignorance, squalor, and fear, and, thereafter, it has risen slowly and continuously to ever-higher levels in the arts and sciences, in its command of environment, and knowledge generally. Thus, the French epistemologist Bachelard maintains that rationality is a continuous process of overcoming primary impulses, and, in particular, he argues as follows: “In point of fact I see no solid basis for a natural, direct, elemental rationality . . . Rationalist? That is what we are trying to become” (Gaston Bachelard, The New Scientific Spirit, translated by Arthur Goldhammer, Boston: Beacon Press, 1984, p. 171).

Ethnology and Ontology of the West African People


One of the branches of the Niger-Congolese family is the Mande people. Their languages ​​differ significantly in fundamental parameters from other Niger-Congolese languages, therefore linguists consider them to be the first to separate from the main trunk, along with the Ijo and Dagon languages. The differences between the Mande and the very structure of the Niger-Congolese family are so great that there are classifications that distinguish the Mande languages ​​into a separate families.

Monument To The Russian Elite No. 4


Sculpture number 4, which is being erected on Bolotnaya Square, is being heatedly discussed today. The sculpture, of course, is still the same. And what she reminds each baby is clear. Almost everyone is familiar with this.

The Fall Of Jerusalem


On August 10, 70 AD, a very important event took place for two world religions – Christianity and Judaism. On this day Roman legions of the emperor Titus broke into Jerusalem, which was defended by the Jews-Zealots who had raised against the Roman power. The Romans subjected the inhabitants to indescribable brutality repression, killing hundreds of thousands of people. They burned the city itself to the ground, and they destroyed the Second Temple, built by Zerubbabel after the return of the Jews from the Babylonian captivity, to the ground. The fall of the city was preceded by a terrible famine, which also claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and was accompanied by monstrous events, including cannibalism, which is colorfully described by the Jewish historian Josephus.

God-Emperor of the Climate


The funniest thing with “the Climate Change” is that it is a binding doctrine of the media, pop culture and politics for last several years. This concept is taught in schools, it is almost the only one in the media, we can watch it in a multitude of Hollywood productions. And above all, it universally justifies the numerous social-economic experiments and social engineering decisions of almost all governments in the world, which we observe ESPECIALLY as part of the COVIDpolicy. But despite such an all-powerful and omnipresent domination, the popular followers are still indoctrinated on “Oh, ah, why NO ONE NOTES how huge problem climate change is!” The main, in practice almost monopolistic World Ideology (because by eliminating competition not even the doctrine) - is still to remain the “nonconformist voice of the counterculture”. This is the genius of PR of the Climatism, despite all its crude infantility ...

A Little Sympathy for the Devils


The way my grandmother talks about her communist neighbors as a girl (or the way her parents brought food to enslaved Soviet prisoners of war), you might get the impression that there was a degree of camaraderie or empathy there between them.

How Individualism Destroys Societies


In dying civilizations, disinformation becomes the norm, not so much because government and industry circulate it, but because normal people bleat-repeat lies in order to make themselves feel better about living in a dying age. For example, the definition of conservative became warped to mean someone who likes free market economics, strong defense, and religion. This takes a tenth of what conservatives believe and turns it into a religion.