The Case for Hierarchy


The sense of unease with hierarchy comes from an idea of what it means to be modern. The mainstream narrative of modernity in Western societies is that traditional hierarchies expressed and institutionalized unjust values such as racism, sexism, and aristocratic privilege. Modern enlightened thinkers criticized dysfunctional and abusive traditional hierarchies and argued for the ideals of social equality and individual freedom that set the moral standard for future progress.

Terror attack near Charlie Hebdo offices


Two migrants injured two people with a butcher's cleaver on Friday morning in Paris. The two attackers were eventually arrested. The national anti-terrorist prosecution will be taking up the case

America’s Own Color Revolution


Color Revolution is the term used to describe a series of remarkably effective CIA-led regime change operations using techniques developed by the RAND Corporation, “democracy” NGOs and other groups since the 1980’s.

Self-isolation deprived the work of kidnappers


The non-governmental organization Alto al Secuestro (No Abductions) revealed an unexpected plus of quarantine. Self-isolation deprived of work ... kidnappers. “The authorities should not weaken vigilance,” NGO representatives said.