Atlanticists use British MP murder against Brexit


On Thursday, a British MP from the Labor Party, Jo Cox, was attacked in Northern England and died from injuries. Media reports claimed that she was in favor of Britain staying in the EU. Following the attack on the British MP, Atlanticist networks began to spread information that the Brexit movement for the UK's withdrawal from the EU might have stood behind this crime.


The attacker was 52-year-old Thomas Mair, who has already been detained. His family reported that the man was suffering from a mental disorder and was being observed by doctors. Mair lived in a small house in the village Berstoll near the city of Leeds and was not known for aggressiveness or having an articulated political position.


Atlanticist information resources first of all point to the fact that Mair subscribed to the South African magazine “S.A. Patriot.” Internet information reveals that the editorial group of the magazine opposes “multicultural society” and “the aggressive spread of Islam.” The neoliberal community considers this fact sufficient enough to associate the crime with Brexit. A campaign associating the Brexit involvement with Mair’s actions has already kicked off in the informational field.

On the eve of the storm

All of these events are unfolding in the run up to the referendum on Britain's membership in the European Union, which is scheduled for June 23rd. The global financial elite and Atlanticist networks are making every effort to ensure that the United Kingdom will remain in the EU. At the same time, patriotic British citizens are in favor of withdrawing from the organization.