LGBT, Soros and NATO


On March 1st, the German Green Party deputy, Volker Beck, was arrested. It is alleged that he had taken a dose of methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth. The incident took place in Schöneberg in a shelter for homosexuals in the German capital. Beck was arrested near the drug smuggler’s apartment, which was under observation.

It is important to remark that crystal meth is a form of currency that the German homosexuals pay male prostitutes with for their services.

According to official information, Beck is cooperating with the police, and has kept his deputy status, but lost his main political posts, including the spokesman for interior affairs and religion. He also lost his post as chairman of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group.

He said that he “has always represented a liberal drug policy”.

However, the Green Party deputy was tolerant not only to same-sex marriages, (in the 1980’s, he defended the interests of homosexuals and was an open sodomite) but also to synthetic drugs.

In 2013, Beck was at the center of a scandal when he called for the decriminalization of sexual contact with children. Earlier, he published a book called “The Pedosexual Complex”, which aimed at destroying traditional family values.

Beck has been in the Bundestag for more than 20 years (since 1994), and, from 2002 to 2013, he was the leader of the Green Party.

But his role is not limited to Germany and the ideas of Zionism.

In Moscow, he took part in arranging an unapproved gay parade, where he was injured.

He regards Russia as a state that must be challenged by all possible means. The German homosexual hates Russian politicians and activists who represent conservatism; one of them is the philosopher Aleksandr Dugin. He initiated a campaign against him in Germany, whereby he created petitions for the refusal of Dugin’s entry into Germany, and arranged protests against Dugin’s possible visits to Germany to participate in conferences.

Beck is not the only one possesses such points of view; Europe has a whole network of homosexual and pedophile agents who arrange Russophobic campaigns and lobby for hyper-liberal practices. They often focus their activities towards attacking political parties and members. They don’t like the European movements and political forces that defend Christian and conservative values. Usually, the liberal homosexuals call them fascists and Nazis, but are unable to prove that they have committed any crimes; they often violate the law themselves.

The other active liberal-Russophobe is Andreas Umland, who was suspected of pedophilia both in Germany and Ukraine. At the moment, he is a researcher for the Institute for Central and Western Europe and is a DAAD lecturer at Kiev Shevchenko University and Kiev-Mohyla Academy. By having patrons in the Ukrainian government (he was the counsellor of the ex-president Viktor Yushchenko), the German pseudo-scientist feels free in Ukraine.

But after the pedophile scandal in the Artek children camp, his name appeared in different media outlets. As a result, sometime later, Umland left Ukraine.

It is interesting that the General Prosecutor of Ukraine lost the investigation documents.

Umland took part in the defamation of some Russian politicians and activists too.

The other two parts of this mosaic are Christo Grozev and Anton Shekhovtsov. The first one is a Bulgarian journalist, who started to work with the Americans in 1995. With the help of Metromedia International, he created a network of private radio stations, which were used to spread liberal propaganda. In his blog, Grozev actively supported Ukrainian nationalists and mercenaries who were killing civilians in Novorossiya.   

As for Anton Shekhovtsov, he was born in Sevastopol, but left when Crimea was reunified with Russia. According to the investigating bodies in Sevastopol, he committed crimes sexually perverse in nature. In the 1990’s, he founded the Alter Ego journal, which promoted extremal music, suicide, sexual perversion, drug addiction, and other elements of the liberal ersatz culture.

Even the name of the journal shows his abnormal interest in the dark side of life.

Naturally, expressing resentment, Shekhovtsov now accuses the Crimean government of human rights violations, constantly writing about it on his blog.

However, now Shekhovtsov is a member of the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, which was created by one of the powerbrokers of the Euromaidan, Oleh Rybachuk, who was the State Secretary under Yushchenko (an attempt to copy the US model of political administration).                   

Simultaneously, Shekhovtsov received grants from George Soros. Like Umland, (they often had meeting in Ukraine, maybe, because of their sexual interests) he works for “analysis” of the right political movements in Europe.

This group of four people, several years ago, was the focal point of attempts to generate ideas to oppose Russia. As their theoretical proposals looked doubtful in Europe, they became the connection between the Western Foundations and Russian liberals (Shekhovtsov actively cooperated with the SOVA Center for Information and Analysis). Besides the Open Society Institute, they are the beneficiaries of NATO financial aid. As Brussels is obsessed with deterring Russia, these four people were chosen for the media war against Moscow. Because the NATO generals can see Moscow’s influence on the natural reaction of European society towards the influx of migrants, the outcomes of their mental processes are very predictable.

Europe can now see that the creators of the myths of “European fascism” and “Russian totalitarianism” are a small group of perverts.