Trump Wins US Elections


Recent data shows that voters in most states have given their vote to Donald Trump, not his rival from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton.

Exit polls and forecasts

The final results have not yet been announced because it is necessary to count all the votes. However, the trend shows that Donald Trump is the undisputed leader in almost all states.

After the counting of votes in six key states, CNN evaluated Trump's victory as a 70% possibility and The New York Times did at 94%. Before, exit polls showed different results with more votes for Clinton. Based on this fact, it can be considered that Americans did not express their opinion freely earlier, but merely paid lip service to the Democratic candidate while in fact voting for the Republican one.

Silent admission of the Democrats’ defeat

The head of Clinton’s election campaign, John Podesta, has officially declared that neither Hillary Clinton nor he would make a statement today. In fact, this means recognizing Donald Trump’s victory.

According to US media, Clinton’s headquarters is now a depressing atmosphere.

Other results

At the same time as the presidential elections, the vote for Congress has been held. Republicans also won the majority of seats in the House of Representatives and the US Senate. Since they retain the majority, they will be able to block the Democrats’ initiatives. According to preliminary estimates, the Republicans already have 203 seats in the House, while the Democrats have only 137. In the Senate, the Republicans gained 48 seats, and the Democrats have 46. These results are not definitive.

Katehon recalls that in some states, citizens voted on the legalization of marijuana. It is known that Arizona and California have voted (53% of the vote and 56% respectively) for the legalization of marijuana for some entertainment purposes.