Youtube Must be Destroyed


Youtube excelled again. This time he demolished the Russian television channel Russia Today in Germany without warning. As soon as I gave comments on the elections to the Bundestag for this channel, Youtube immediately eliminated it. Coincidence? Yes, I think it’s a coincidence, but a very symbolic one. The same Youtube, more than a year ago, also deleted my philosophical channel, where there were mainly lectures about Aristotle, and the millionth channel of Constantinople. Youtube lost the trial with Constantinople, but no one is going to change the way we see our policy. And now it is Russia Today Deutschland.

Humanity was nearly erased


The global shutdown on Monday 4 October is a really big deal. In a sense, it is comparable to a rehearsal for the end of the world. This comparison would be appropriate if we lived in the light. But since we live here in the darkness, it would be more accurate to call it the end of darkness.

Google or Russia: The Choice Is Already Made


Let’s talk about Google. We are on the eve of a very important event. The claim of Constantinople against Google and the YouTube channel has every chance of becoming fateful. The Russian court recognized the full validity of the claim of Constantinople. And during this time the government issued a number of decrees directly ordering foreign services in their activities in Russia to obey Russian laws. Now the most interesting thing: if Google obeys, then its activities in Russia will be completely controlled by the state. This means not only the restoration of the account of Constantinople on Google with a million subscribers and compensation for damage. By the way, Google will have to restore my educational channel, as well as the accounts of Katekhon,, and all those resources that the globalists, having gone wild from their own impunity, demolished without any warning.

Why the West Funds Terrorism


It is clear that the declared “enemy” in this “War on Terror,” is not what we were led to believe, and increasingly, it is beginning to look like the enemy may in fact be, anyone who resists this global agenda.

Lebanon: a coup in the making?


Lebanon’s Central Bank governor Riad Salameh proved he is the country’s real ruler by unilaterally deciding to lift fuel subsidies — in defiance of President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Hassan Diab and all other critics.