Trump and Hillary come into Direct Contact, Trump wins


The election race in the United States has reached a new stage. For the first time since the beginning of the election campaign, the two main presidential candidates have met face to face in debate.

90 minutes

The duration of the debate was exactly one hour and a half and divided into 6 semantic units of 15 minutes. According to tradition, the headquarters of the candidates in advance stipulated the conditions of the upcoming verbal fight down to the last detail: from how the candidates go on stage to whether the host has the right to correct Trump or Clinton if they made a mistake in their wording.

Trump and Clinton discussed trade issues, race relations, foreign policy, personal finances, and cyber warfare.


Before the debates, most experts agreed that the main theme in Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric would be the protection of the rights of minorities, while Trump would focus on the incompetence of his opponent and patriotic rhetoric.

Clinton unconfidently answered a series of questions. However, corporate media tried to show her in better shape than she actually is. Even the media associated with the Republican party (Fox News) was on the side of Clinton, which shows the deep divisions in American society.

Trump clearly won the debate and was more confident during his performance.

The clash of paradigms

For the first time in a long time, two distinct geopolitical approaches are facing off in the presidential race in the United States. Clinton is a textbook supporter of neoliberalism, globalization, and world hegemony, while Trump holds to the positions of realism and advocates the defense of national interests and a return to the traditional social patterns of the United States.