2:0 - The Town Hall Debate: Donald Trump beats Clinton a second time


In the next round of the election debates, held at the University of St. Louis, Donald Trump strengthened his dominance in the election. What has emerged now is the candidates moving to direct attacks on each other and not holding back on recriminations.

The Bite of Hillary

The worst crime of Donald Trump, according to Hillary Clinton, is his statement about women, a recording which was made in 2005. According to Clinton, this was so grave that she finds her competitor unworthy of the presidency. Trump has repeatedly expressed regret on the matter and said that it was an inappropriate joke. At the same time, Hillary Clinton refused to comment on the sexual escapades of her husband. The media has a lot of evidence which explores his history of sexual harassment; rape and humiliation suffered by the employees of Bill Clinton during his presidential tenure.

The Trump Card

Donald Trump, in turn, focused on the actual crimes of Secretary Clinton and the Democrats. In particular, he forced her to apologize for the fact that she had deleted 30,000 of her emails and improperly used a private e-mail server when she was Secretary of State. In addition, the candidate of the Republican Party criticized the Obamacare healthcare act. Experts agree that the Democratic administration of Barack Obama spent  a huge amount of money on this project without achieving a significant effect.

The role of Russia

Much attention has been paid this time to Moscow. Clinton openly accused Russia of trying to influence the American elections, with hacker attacks on the Democratic party servers, as well as the deterioration of the situation in Syria. According to her, she "resisted Russia, Putin, and will do it as president of the United States" .Trump in response expressed doubts that the hackers were Russian, and offered instead that Moscow could work in conjunction with Washington to fight against the ISIS terrorist organization.

Color factor

This time Donald Trump wore a red tie, which is traditionally associated with the Republican Party and the attacking style of combat. Clinton was wearing a blue pantsuit. This debate was done in a Town Hall format: half of the questions were given by the guests sitting in the hall in front of politicians. Clinton and Trump will meet again - on October 19th - with Presidential elections in the United States scheduled for November 8th.

Lord of the Flies

The debate was not without its funny moments.  During the debate, a fly sat directly on Hillary Clinton's brow. At the same time the candidate of the Democratic Party continued to talk as if unaware of the insect at above her eye. This situation was one of the most talked about on social media, a few "fly" related hashtags and accounts have already gone viral on twitter. People joke, saying that perhaps the fly was sent by Russian security services.