The Final Victory: Trump wins against all odds


In the course of the electoral college vote, which was held in the US on December 19th, in the second stage of the presidential election, Republican candidate Donald Trump received the requisite number of votes.

The last formality

At this time on the way to the White House, Donald Trump just needs to overcome one last obstacle, which is more a formality. His nomination must be approved by Congress on January 6th. The ceremony of his inauguration is scheduled for January 20th.

Electoral college

The current presidential elections have once again raised the issue of justice and democratic institutions such as the Electoral College. On the one hand, elites could more easily control the electoral process with such a tool. On the other hand, and with the help of which Trump has come to power, is his challenge to the US establishment. The original Electoral College was created as a mechanism to protect the rights of sparsely populated states from densely populated states.

Drain the swamp

The fight has just begun. Donald Trump and his team face an uphill battle to complete a conservative revolution. Neocons and globalists have deeply penetrated all branches of the government, both major parties and the security forces.