The power of Lies


The following is from an interview transcript


I think, if you want to get you message out today, you need to make videos. You need to mak small films and put them on social media. That is the way to spread your word or your massage today. This is very important.

People do not have time to read anymore, because now so many things are going on online. There is so much information you need to relay in time. I think people actually don’t want to watch videos longer than 2 or 3 minutes. So, they need to be very short if you want to get your message out.

Actually, there is big potential here. I mean, you can receive so many massages from people all around the world, from India, Africa, Brazil. I live in Scandinavia and this gives me a lot of possibilities to reach a lot of people with this new form of small videos and films. I think that this is a positive thing.

Of course, you can also spread fake news and lies and manipulate people. And that’s why I’ll tell you that the world today is not so much about political parties, but it is about what the truth is and what is a lie. Because you can really put out a lie and you can manipulate a lot of people.

We are all already in a kind of war - an information war. And now it has become a political strategy. If you want to harm your opponent, you want to undermine him, you can just say that he is closely tied to Russia. That’s what they did with Trump. Of course, everybody knows that this is completely insane. But they just keep on doing it to undermine him, just to take away his credibility, they are trying to destroy him. And I think we will see many other attacks on him.

If you want to harm your opponent - just write an angry tweet or make a small video clip.

You shouldn’t underestimate people because truth is something that really matters. We are living in an age of relativism between East and West. We were told that there is no such thing as truth. If something is true is up to you to decide that it is. That is a big irony. Now we see that truth is all that matters. And these people who have told us, my generation, that there is no such thing as truth, are now becoming the truth tellers. There is only one truth and they decide what it is. It is a huge mess because it is very difficult to distinguish fake news from real news. But I have a rule.

All those people who used to hate the Church, who used to go against all Christian values, now they are trying to tell me what the truth is. I know there must be something wrong there, it must be a lie. But the problem is that many people at least in the West, they have been taught this ideology of relativism. And it might be difficult for them but I think that God has put a caution in each person’s heart and many people to know what is the truth.

And those people who are lying with their political agenda, they will fall very soon because you can’t build anything on a lie. That is God’s order - you should not lie. And if you do, you will harm yourself sooner or later and you will collapse. So, for me it is a kind of hope for justice. In the end truth will always prevail, that is a part of God’s order. And even if those people will try to make a completely new world order with an anti-Christian and anti-God agenda, it won’t last long - that’s impossible. In the last century, there were a lot of those atheistic ideologies that tried to leave God out of society. They all collapsed. The liberal elites are trying to do the same now with militant secularism.

In America, Christians voted for Trump to show that they are fed up with the lies of the mainstream media and that they don’t trust the liberal government. It is a movement, and we can start it in Europe as well. We will see how our society is changing. It is also interesting to see what is going to happen with the elections in France this spring. They will decide the future of Europe: whether Christian Europe is lost or if we could have a revival like Russia had after the collapse of communism.