A Soviet Spy Who Fooled The British Queen


In the 60s of the last century in Great Britain there was a lawsuit in which the Queen of Great Britain opposed Mr Lonsdale - a Russian scout and a successful entrepreneur.

Mr. Lonsdale was a successful businessman, a millionaire, owner. He is the inventor of the electronic lock, received personally from the British queen diploma for successful business. In general, a rich successful young handsome man.

And then it turned out that Lonsdale was the head of the intelligence group, who worked for the Warsaw Pact. As a result, British services uncovered a whole network of criminals who worked for the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Treaty.

Lonsdale was imprisoned for 25 years, of which he spent only three years in the cell. In prison, he was allowed to translate, because he was a specialist in Chinese. He wrote a whole textbook, according to which many are still studying.

Then he was exchanged for British spies caught in the USSR. There was an exchange, which is mentioned in the film "The Dead Season". There is Colonel Abel, who talks about the difficulties of intelligence activity. The prototype of this hero is Mr. Lonsdale.

His real name was Konon Trofimovich Molody. For many years after the revolution, he lived in America, in exile. He was fluent in English. He studied Chinese in the Soviet Union. Participated in the war, and then was sent to Canada with forged documents. In England Mr. Lonsdale became a millionaire. He did business, and simultaneously engaged in espionage in the field of British submarines, bacteriological and chemical weapons. During the service, he sent a lot of cipher messages and merged a lot of important information into the Soviet.

He was arrested and convicted as a British citizen - and only later the Secret service discovered that he was Russian.

A unique man, a millionaire, a colonel of Soviet foreign intelligence and received a letter from the hands of Her Majesty. He earned millions by his own intellect  and at the same time dragged thousands of different military secrets from United Kingdom.