Back to the Roots: America is in a pre-Civil War State

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The following is from an interview transcript


In my opinion, in regards to Trump's presidency and the attempt by globalist forces to use Russia in particular to weaken or even reverse the results of the elections, it is important to understand the historical context of it.

This is something that is not widely reported in the media because it requires a more intellectual format than most of the media is used to.

It's important to see that the Trump phenomenon is a kind of a resurrection of the American people against the occupation of the federal government.

In historical terms, the Founding Fathers, when they were thinking about the American Constitution, they were familiar with governing model of Russia, France and England. All these countries were governed from centers. The system that the Founding Fathers wanted to put in place was completely opposite. They wanted to distribute power to the states. They didn't want all power in Washington D.C.

The American Constitution gives very limited power to the central government - only those powers that are related to foreign relations and common defense. Therefore ,the Federal Government used to have very limited power and the states could basically have almost complete self-ruled autonomy with respect to the Constitution.

But then, starting in the 1960’s, the Federal Government used three instruments to take over power from the states and bring it to Washington D.C.

The first instrument was human rights. What the Federal Government did and is still doing today is defending minority groups. These minority groups, first of all African Americans, were being hurt and imposed upon. So, they declared that the rights of these groups need to be protected. Then they federalized everything that has to do with that group. For example, in 1969, schools in America that used to be segregated were desegregated. In order to do that, the government had to deploy the American federal military to accomplish that result. The next group was homosexuals, and in recent time we are talking about transgenders. Using this one instrument, a tremendous area of control that used to belong to the states, especially when it comes to education and criminal justice, was transferred from the states to the center, Washington.

The second instrument was environmental policy. Under various acts and regulations like the "Clean Air and Water Act”, major areas of state control, such as land use, were transferred from the states to the Federal Government. For instance, a state that has its economy based on coal extraction like it was in Virginia, would want to mine coal, because that's where the money comes from. But the Federal Government is using Environmental Protection Agency to stop that by putting in place regulations that have to do with how water is damaged and so forth, so they make it impossible to mine coal. Therefore, states that used to have wealth all of a sudden became powerless and poor.

The third tool that the government used to take power from the states to the center was constant conflict, and this is really where Russia comes in. Everything about national defense and foreign relations belongs to the Federal Government, but the Founding Fathers wanted American to mind its own business, to be friendly to other countries and not interfere in affairs, not join any  complicated alliances. But later, after the First World War and during the Second World War, the United States became much more involved. Then, starting with Churchill's Iron Curtain in 1946, there was this Cold War that many Americans loved because it made them rich. The military industrial complex was taking over the country in the late ’50's. Back then, it wasn't even the small fraction of what it is today. So, many people loved this idea of constant conflict because they could justify the uncontrollable growth of Federal Government and justify money that went from the states to the Federal Government in order to build more nuclear weapons and other arms, to create surveillance agencies and so on. When the Cold War ended with the collapse of Soviet Union in 1990, for about ten years those people in Washington were frustrated and disappointed, they had interests in this idea of constant war. So, when the 9/11 attacks happened, there was a kind of relief in the American Industrial Military Complex and in Washington. Now they could create another permanent war - the war on terror.

It's very clear that in America - whether on the Left and on the Right or people who support Trump or not - everybody is tired of these endless Middle Eastern wars. This idea of keeping war alive forever didn't really work. What was beautiful with the Cold War from the American perspective is that they could justify spending a lot of money but nobody really shot anybody on a battlefield and nobody expected to win. However, when we are talking about ISIS, you’re suppose to win.

What they are trying to do now is transition from this constant war in the Middle East back to Russia. And that is really the foundation of the whole idea of war against Trump: using Russia as a cover. The globalists need Russia as a permanent enemy against whom you can never win but you can always fight.

So, through these three instruments, America stopped being in reality a constitutional republic and became a kind of meritocratic oligarchy. If you graduated from one of the prestigious American universities like Harvard or Princeton, if you know the right people, you can start working for the American bureaucracy. And it doesn't matter who the president is, there is no difference between George Bush and Obama. The country is really governed by this enormous bureaucracy.

It took a long time, but finally people in places like Ohio and Kentucky and even Michigan decided that that's enough. They couldn't recognize their own country anymore. People in the outlying areas are living worse than they lived twenty years ago.

So, along came somebody like Donald Trump, who is a classic kind of revolutionary figure. He is a reaction against all this transfer of power. Trump promised that he will undo all three of those instruments that the Federal Government used to steal power. He wants to cut the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency by one third; he is already undoing these regulations that make it impossible to mine coal and so on; as for human rights side he is stopping this whole transgender idea and giving much more power back to the states; and what the most important is that Trump is against this permanent war against Russia. This idea was impossible for the globalists.

If Trump succeeds, this means the end of this takeover of America by the bureaucrats and the return of America to its constitutional roots. Enormous amount of money went from the state to Washington, and when people have that money and power, they are not likely to give it back.

That's what is happening now.

From 97% to 99% of American bureaucrats voted for Hillary. In states like Western Virginia, more than 70% voted for Trump. Therefore, America is now divided into two countries. That's why we have this pre-Civil War atmosphere. In the states, there is about 2/3 of the population against globalization, but in Washington everybody is pro-globalization. The power equation is what will now determine the outcome of this.

As president, Trump has very limited power because the bureaucracy is completely against him, and these people don't care about Constitution. Unfortunately, in this kind of struggle, there will be no truth, there will be a winner or loser. On Trump's side, there are the people who have guns and most of the military, on the other side there is the Deep State - the oligarchs and bureaucrats who have all the information and the media. And it will be interesting who will win.