We (people) are the Church


Today one can often hear the opinion that our Church is wrong in something, does something wrong, does something wrong, and there are even worse expressions. However, it should be recalled that in the Orthodox tradition the concept of the Church includes all believers – or, more precisely, all Christians baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church.
This is one of the main differences from Catholicism. Western Christianity understands the church only as an aggregate of the priestly class – deacons, priests and bishops. And ordinary Christians are placed in the outer circle. They are not inside the church, but around it. Hence the theory of the Pope’s infallibility. He is the head of the Catholic Church in the sense that he stands at the top of the entire institution, being the direct ruler and leader of all lower church ranks.



1 July 4, 1099 the army of the crusaders captured Jerusalem, snatching it from the hands of the Gentiles. We, of course, know that the Latin chivalry did not fulfill its promises to our Orthodox Emperor, and later even made the ugly capture of Constantinople. But this will only be in the 4th Crusade, at the end of the heroic era.

Conservatism in the United States


A traditional form of conservative political thought and action has been difficult to develop here in the States because the necessary foundation blocks simply aren’t there to build the