The White House Investigates Persistent Leaks of Trump's Conversations With Foreign Leaders

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It seems that the walls have ears in the White House. Even classified information regarding national security is disclosed to the public in short time. This raises doubts among the US’ partners. Who wants to do business with a country with no secrets? This scares the US administration for the same reasons. Its great goals - first and foremost establishing better relations with Russia and making America great again – become unachievable. The country is under the shadow of those forces who do not want these plans to reach fruition. Stolen secrets are thus rapidly disseminated by Trump-unfriendly mainstream media, which are the main tool used by the globalists seeking world domination.

Of course, Trump isn’t going to put up with this.

The White House is investigating the leaks of Donald Trump’s telephone talks with foreign leaders, Press Secretary Sean Spicer says.

“We’re looking into the situation, yes, and it’s very concerning. Some of them are done in a way that the release of that information is clearly a breach of a lot of protocols and laws,” – He stressed.

Spicer admitted that it bothers Trump too: “The idea that you can’t have a conversation without that information getting out is concerning. We’re trying to conduct serious business on behalf of the country.” Of course, no specific details of the investigation are disclosed, no names called.

Three egregious cases

Eavesdroppers in the White House know their job. Three of the most scandalous leaks concern phone talks of Trump with Russian president Vladimir Putin, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and President of Mexico Peña Nieto.

In addition to the disclosure of confidential information, these leaks are clearly intended to expose the President of the United States as a fool and an incorrigible boor. So-called sources, including current and former White House officials, told Reuters that in a recent conversation with Putin, Trump heard for the first time about the treaty between the United States of America and the Russian Federation on Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (New START) from 2010. He interrupted Putin and started to ask his assistants about what it was. Then he criticized the treaty as a hard bargain.

In fact, as Spicer explained, the American President knew the topic, but in fact found it necessary to discuss the issue with his advisors whose task is to counsel him.

“It wasn't like he didn't know what was being said. He wanted an opinion on something,” – told Spicer.

Mainstream media covered Trump`s phone talk with the Australian Prime Minister in the same way. Trump was alleged to have yelled at the Australian politician, it was alleged that they didn’t reach an agreement, and that Trump interrupted the conversation ahead of time. Trump was immediately criticized and his behavior was called unacceptable, since Australia is a major US ally. Trump admitted that it was the worst phone talk with politician leader he had that day and that he was disappointed by the consent of former President Barack Obama to take in Australia's illegal immigrants. That`s how the whole world knew that the deal with Australia would “kill” Trump in a political sense under the pretext of accusations against the Australian government of trying to smuggle "new Boston terrorists” into the US, a reference to the attack on the marathon on April 15th, 2013. As a result, the card stacking was very convincing and Trump was “exposed” as a fool.

Via “concealed sources”, the intense conversation between Trump and Peña Nieto came into the open. They allegedly didn’t reach an agreement and decided to postpone the planned meeting. So, there are no secrets even in such vulnerable case as US-Mexican relations, which Trump wants to review. Issues are big politics are never solved publicly. Any serious decision is preceded by long and confidential talks; a hasty disclosure can really cause serious political problems for both sides.

Of course, the President of the US himself and his team are affected by these improper actions.

Trump's advisers are also "under the hood.”

The New York Times and The Washington Post cite “eavesdroppers” in the White House in a report on the phone conversation between future US presidential advisor for national security, Michael Flynn, and the Russian Ambassador in Washington, Sergei Kislyak in December 2016. This common contact of this representative of the new administration, which is needed to reduce the time for acquaintance with problems of American-Russian relations, was exposed as an “illegal signal” to Moscow concerning the expecting relief of sanctions. The fact that Moscow refuses to discuss with the US and the EU the "criteria" of lifting anti-Russian sanctions was not taken into account.

Media reported instead that Trump`s advisor was accused of secret relationships and long-standing contacts with the Kremlin on a wide range of issues which is a potential violation of the law. After all, we are talking about a rival country accused of meddling in elections. These are the people that came to power in America!

Who is betraying Trump?

This is how the system works. Observers agree that there is no sense in suspecting the major players of the Trump’s team. They know that the President would not forgive treason. Vice-President Mike Pence, White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon, advisor on national security issues Michael Flynn, Chief Strategist Stephen Miller, head of the White House, Raines Primus, and the other major figures of the new administration are not suspected.

This is why sabotage by bureaucrats of lower ranks is what is at hand, because one of the most sad “achievements" of the last administration of the American Democrats was the politicization of nominally neutral government officials. With the arrival of Trump, only a small number of political appointees lost their jobs. Lots of them are still there.

No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself

What conclusion should Trump and his team draw on this, having decided to return to the United States to the people by taking power away from the globalist elite, which treat the country and its people like a tool for achieving world domination?

Just one: restore order and disclose traitors. A revolution must be able to defend itself. And what we see now in the US is a popular revolution led by the Trump uprising of the silent majority against the dictatorship of the Democratic establishment and minorities.

The most interesting part is that we learn about their plans from the same leaks. As Reuters reported by citing current and former US officials, Trump intends to offer a high post in his administration to Stephen Feinberg, the head of a major investment company, Cerberus Capital Management. He will be engaged in analyzing the operations of all 17 American intelligence agencies in order to find out just how effectively they work and how to restructure them.

The White House and Cerberus Capital Management have not commented on this information, but in an indirect way the fact of such proposal is confirmed.

It is interesting that Trump assigned the investigation of allegedly Russian-orchestrated cyber-attacks on the United States primarily during the election campaign to his friends from the private sector. All he’s left with is his old and trusted security service, combined with the United States Secret Service. All of this shows what a difficult situation Trump is in now. The success of the mission depends on whether he can get rid of the globalists’ influence. Otherwise, there will be no deals with Russia, nor anything at all.

It is worth wondering whether the previous owners’ listening devices were all removed from the Oval Office and other White House room. Were they detected? Or maybe Trump, as a great builder, should build a bunker with thick walls and many protection layers from which he can lead his country? All of this sounds pretty will. But on the other hand, who knows? Premature disclosure of information can disrupt everything and is even worse than when enemies are aware of one’s plans and failures, and then strike at the right moment.