Political philosophy

Liberalism 2.0


Liberty is not on their side anymore. Liberalism 2.0 is the enemy of any liberty. So, let us not lose this value. It is a most great value, because it is the essence of the human soul and human heart. Liberty opens us up to the way to God, to sacrality, and to love. 

Quis est Katechon?


His Adversary cannot be confused with any form of ‘reactionary, polytheistic or pagan nostalgia and will only be defeated by the breath of the Lord, by Spirit. Therefore the energy of the Adversary is much more potent than any catechontic force and will only surrender to the parousia of the Kyrios, the Lord Jesus.

Attack of the Nihilists


’Are these the Nazis, Walter?’ ‘No, Donny, these men are nihilists, there’s nothing to be afraid of.’” -The Big Lebowski

The Russian-European Revolutionary Contest Before 1871 (Third Rome - part 1)


The Church of the Old Rome fell because of the infidelity of the Apollinarian heresy. The Second Rome—the Church of Constantinople—was hewn down by the axes of the sons of Hagar. And now this Third Rome of thy mighty kingdom—the holy catholic and apostolic Church—will illumine the whole universe like the sun. . . . Know and accept, О pious Tsar, that all the Christian kingdoms have come together into thine own, that two Romes have Alien, and that a third stands, while a fourth there shall not be; thy Christian kingdom shall fall to no other.

The Manifesto of Great Awakening. Against Great Reset.


The Great Reset was proclaimed by a handful of degenerate and panting old globalist men on the verge of dementia (like Biden himself, the shriveled villain Soros, or the fat burgher Schwab) and a marginal, perverted rabble selected to illustrate the lightning-quick career opportunities for all deplorables.