Hispanics are going to seize the US


A giant “refugee caravan” from Honduras, Guatemala and other Central American countries approaches the southern borders of the United States. Its number has already exceeded 14 thousand people, officially it is several times less. The sight is truly terrifying. The march is guarded by Mexican police, who provide the infinite crowd the opportunity to move freely along good roads. People are met as heroes by vigorous, resolute step by the locals - they are applauded, they are watered and fed, given the opportunity to wash themselves.

They are also helped by various “human rights” organizations, because of which the long ears of the structures of George Soros stick. The trucks passing next slow down and drive free of charge to the place of the next halt with the pleasure of jumping participants in the back of the march on the USA.

The solidarity on the road shows that tens of millions of people from Central and South America are ready to go to the US for a better life. It’s just that the majority of those who are interested are still watching the “pioneers”: will the way the most deprived decide to take advantage, who are not kept in their native places, where, according to the participants of the “caravan”, it is absolutely impossible to live because of the terrible crime, lawlessness, corruption unemployment and widespread poverty. Most declare that they want in the US not so much for the sake of asylum, but rather work.

However, in the latter it is possible to doubt, since a significant part of the participants of the caravan is the Central Americans deported from the USA for crimes earlier. Although journalists prefer to interview people expecting a miracle, tortured women with children and enthusiastic young people.

They shout in Spanish: “Si se pudo!” (“Yes, we did it!”). Their triumphal procession stretching for kilometers resembles a river swelling from the numerous tributaries, creeks and streams flowing into it. It turns out a kind of parody of the Crusaders, who were going to win the Holy Land from the infidels, with the only difference being that now not spiritual, but material motives dominate, and instead of Palestine it is about the USA.


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, is sure of this, saying that a lot of “very bad people” are moving to the United States. In his favorite Twitter, he called the caravans "the disgrace of the Democratic Party" and demanded to immediately change the "weak immigration laws." The president also promised to “seal” the border with Mexico.

So Trump is heading straight for the trap that the Democrats have prepared for him. If he fails to protect the country from a “humanitarian” invasion, he will expose himself to all the weak president who has failed to fulfill his election promises. And if he authorizes the use of force to stop an army of illegal immigrants hiding behind children, he will be the executioner and butcher. Before the “purgatory” on November 6, when mid-term elections are held in the United States, any of these options could be fatal for Trump.

Why is the US likely to lose?

At the same time, the Mexican authorities, who openly condone the “caravans,” reject the allegations from the United States that Middle Eastern terrorists are among the participants. Here Mexico City can be believed: there are local gangsters, they would not accept strangers into their ranks. The accusations made by the US Vice President Mike Pence to Venezuela that it allegedly finances the armies of the Central American migrants who have gone to capture the United States are also ridiculous. Where did the bankrupt country get that kind of money?

Yes, Pens lacks the courage to call everything by it's own name, and this - unlike Trump - works in his favor in the eyes of the American establishment, which consciously supports migration. Because it always means the weakening and destruction of national states, original cultures and traditions, which is necessary for the complete domination of globalists. It also ensures the growth of extremist and terrorist manifestations, crime, which provides for the elimination of democratic rights and freedoms under these pretexts. And this, along with getting cheap labor, is an equally important goal of the globalist elite.

The armies of illegal migrants, now lusting from the depths of Central America to the southern borders of the United States, will in fact fight for the interests of globalists against Native Americans, many of whom, brainwashed, will support them. When they realize their mistake, it will be, alas, too late, since there will be no freedom in the future.