Brussels wants to punish Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic for excessive independence


Brussels wants to drop on Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland for rejected the EU's migrant quotas.

The EU has moved from threats to the offensive, suing countries that refuse to allow thousands of aliens to enter their territories.

The commission, the EU’s executive body, accused the three countries of “non-compliance with their legal obligations on relocation” – said the first deputy chairman of the European Commission (EC) Frans Timmermans.

However, this decision did not become a surprise for these states. The European Commission spent many months trying to force them to obey.

In 2015, the EU leadership developed national quotas for asylum seekers from refugee camps in Greece and Italy. It was about 160 thousand migrants.

The European Commission decided to file a lawsuit against Hungary also for the recently adopted law on non-governmental organizations and higher education. The problem for the EU is that these laws oblige NGOs to disclose information about the sources of their funding from abroad, which will allow the authorities to better control the activities of “foreign agents”. For obvious reasons, such laws do not suit representatives of the globalist elite.

In Hungary, at the state level, it is recognized that the migration tsunami is caused artificially by globalists to erase European identities. In addition, at the national level, there is openly demonstrated strong dissatisfaction with the migration policy of Brussels.

In 2015, Hungary and Slovakia themselves filed a lawsuit demanding that the national quotas for compulsory resettlement of refugees be compulsory for EU member states, arguing that the EU must respect the sovereignty and desire of the citizens of the participating countries. However, the court rejected this claim.

It should be noted that Brussels’ claims to the Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic are also absurd because migrants usually avoid these countries, preferring rich and “refugees welcome” countries with large grants. And even if they are sent to poor EU countries, they quickly move from there to a rich and tolerant Germany, Denmark or Sweden.

The anxiety of Brussels can be understood. If not all EU countries obey, then the management of the community is inevitably called into question. Therefore, It can not be ruled out that the EU leadership decided to start acting to make the population of the countries of Eastern and Central Europe think twice before voting in elections for anti-migrant populist parties that are gaining popularity in all of Europe and even begin to come to power in one country after another (the last example is Austria). A few days ago, the government of the Czech Republic was led by the leader of the political movement of the “Action of Dissatisfied Citizens” movement Andrei Babish, a good friend, and companion of the country’s president Miloš Zeman, who constantly repeats: “The EU does not need migrants.”