Migrants crowd tourists on the beaches of Spain


The Spanish authorities are once again basking in the praise of Soros's "human rights activists", who along with the mafia drove today to its tourist beaches another ship with illegal migrants "rescued" off the coast of Libya. The vessel of the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms with 87 "refugees" on board was moored in the port of Algeciras in Andalusia, where a special migration center was recently opened.

The representative of this organization involved in the delivery of "illegal immigrants" to Europe indicated that the Spaniards had accepted the vessel with migrants after Italy and Malta refused to deal with them.

Spain - the main gateway for "illegal immigrants" to Europe

According to the International Organization for Migration, since the beginning of 2018 almost 21,000 migrants have arrived in Spain, over 18,000 have arrived in Italy, and 15,500 in Greece.

Little popular with illegal migrants until recently, Spain became the leader only because it changed the government, which puts the blissful ideology above vital national interests, indifferent to the future of its country and Europe, which in places has already become Eurabia.

Entire areas of France, Britain, Sweden, Belgium and Germany have turned into Islamist ghettos, the inhabitants of which live on social benefits, moonlighting a different kind of crime and hating the world around them.

Meanwhile, Germany also joined those who fill Spain with parasites. Since August 11, the detainees on the border with Austria "illegal immigrants" who registered in Spain, but then voluntarily set out for a good life in a richer country, the German authorities will be sent back within two days. Spain became the first EU state with which the FRG managed to conclude such an agreement.

Next will be Greece, which, at the last EU migration summit - in exchange for favors for the financial part - also agreed to take back its "own" migrants.

Both countries are controlled by the left, who see the uninvited guests as allies in the fight against European tradition, identity and Christianity. The current Greek authorities have encroached on their citizens with huge property taxes, which many impoverished because of the decade-long financial and economic crisis, the Greeks simply can not pay. They are afraid that one day the government will take away their houses and apartments to accommodate  "refugees" ...

The Germans also cooperate in migration matters with the Austrians, who take away without discussion those "illegals" whose fate they must decide for themselves. But Italy, with which the Germans also want to negotiate, will be for them the strongest nut. In this straggling country from illegal migrants, the government has recently changed, which has taken the most rigid position in Western Europe towards "refugees", which it considers - with single exceptions - as economic migrants who do not have the right to "asylum".

Do not feel sorry for anyone

German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently barely escaped the government crisis caused by a split in the ruling coalition on protecting the country from illegal migration, just because there were two naive people - Sanchez and his Greek counterpart Alexis Tsipras - who agreed to sacrifice their countries.

Both, by the way, are at great risk, because tourism in both Greece and Spain is the leading sector of the economy. And what kind of tourists like to relax next to the aggressive "asylum seekers"? Especially those who are convinced that after they have paid criminals for their delivery to Europe, the Europeans are obliged to feed them well, give them water, provide shelter and social benefits for numerous offspring for the rest of their lives.

In Spain, several tens of thousands of "illegal immigrants" have already stuck, which have targeted the richer EU countries. They behave violently and impudently. And every day their number grows. Although these are only the first florets of what will be.