“Grey Eminence of France” Macron and International Finance meetings


This week, France will be at the center of the world’s attention: the second round of the presidential election in the Fifth Republic will be held on 7 th of May and it will show who will be a new French president.

I am not going to tell again about the turning points of the pre-election campaign which started in 2014. I only note that it reminded a play. The characters were changing fast on the scene. Firstly, Nicolas Sarkozy withdrew his nomination and, later, the current president of France Francois Holland did the same.

It is noteworthy to say that they announced their decision right after it was known that Donald Trump won the pre-election rally. This anti-globalist and Russian-oriented American politician (at the moment of the election in November 2016) wanted to create a counterbalance system using a French politician who would strongly support globalism and be a consistent Russophobe. However, neither Holland nor Sarcozy could play this role.

The authors of this screenplay made some correction in the play and, exactly at that time, Emmanuel appeared at the center of attention of French and world mass media. Some experts suggest that the individuals, who control the French pre-election campaign behind the screen, made restructuring on the spot. As if it was a sort of “improvisation”. Form one hand, we can agree with it, and we cannot agree from the other hand. Until the end of the last year, Macron was a “substitute”, but he was the first in the list of substitutes. It is well known that candidates for a substitute are usually prepared in “democratic” Europe. It is also well known that the preparations of Macron started ten years ago. I am not going to retell known facts but only pay attention to two moments.

Firstly, Macron managed to get into the list of replacement candidates thanks to the famous activist, Jacques Attali. Here, I need to tell some details. I have followed this person for about 25 years. In 1993, I received a letter from him. Here is the background of this letter. In 1991, when the Cold War ended and the Soviet Union and socialist camp fell apart, the West required a new international financial institution which could help “develop” a new economic zone. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) became this institution. Jacques Attali was appointed as the president of the bank. He decided to arrange a presidential council at EBRD which could consist of experts from Europe and Russia. The government of Russia had several officials of the Soviet period that knew me as the specialist of international financial and global issues and offered my candidature for the council. And Jacques Attali in his letter asked me to join the council. Later, EBRD faced with the “change of guard”. There was a big scandal behind the screen, and Jacques Attali was accused of “abusing authority”. The accusation was that he built too luxury bank office in the center of London and visited the office on the street One Exchange Square many times. Nothing special, because, in Moscow, we have much more luxurious banks. Finally, as an adviser, I had to speak with another president - Jacques de Larosiere (before he was the head of the bank of France, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and so on). But it is another topic for discussion.

As for Jacques Attali, I had to make inquiries: Mason of the high rang, Adviser of French presidents, starting with François Mitterrand, a globalist-ideologist, Zionism-oriented politician, a “connecting link” between the Élysée Palace and the Parisian Rothschild, futurist writer and so on. Except the scandal of” abusing authority at EBRD”, Jacques Attali had other scandals. However, Jacques Attali managed to get away every time and continued his politician, writing and commercials affairs. He has a lot of enemies but he has protectors, as well. At first, his protectors are the French Rothschild.

The information (mostly came verbally) that I gathered about Jacques Attali allows making a conclusion: this Jacques is “Grey Eminence of France”. He is like Henry Kissinger in the US. In the USA, there was also Bernard Baruch (1870-1965) before who was Adviser of several American presidents, starting with Woodrow Wilson. Kissinger will be 94 soon, while Jacques Attali (was born 1942) looks much younger comparing to him and he can be “Grey Eminence of France” for a long time.

I am not going to talk about Jacques Attali in details. But I’d like to pay attention to the fact that Jacques Attali not only found Macron but also “followed” him without losing sight of him for ten years. If you doubt, please, note: when the percentage of the vote in the first round was announced, Emmanuel Macron and Jacques Attali celebrated it together drinking champagne. No doubt: if Macon becomes a president at the Elysee Palace for five years, Jacques Attali will not leave his protégé for a day. The position of “Grey Eminence” makes him do it.

Secondly, it is regarded that the French Rothschilds appointed Emmanuel as a “reserve” for the presidential post thanks to Jacques Attali’s recommendations. However, the French Rothschilds do not have a higher authority to approve candidates for a president. They can only be considered as “the regional committee” of International Finance. The central committee is the Bilderberg club. I hope that I do not need to explain what the annual meetings of powerful people look like (financiers, businessmen, the heads of states, politicians-intellectuals, and the heads of world mass media). I just remind you that many of the Rothschilds (including David Rothschild who is the head of the Rothschild's Group controlling the Rothschild’s banks in London, Paris, Switzerland) and “Grey Eminence” Jacques Attali are the active participants of this international meeting.

In 2014,”our hero” Emmanuel Macron was invited for the meeting of the Bilderberg club. Just remind you that there were six participants from France at that meeting. Emmanuel was introduced as the Deputy of the General Adviser at the French presidential administration (The Élysée Palace). Comparing to French ”aces” and “kings”, Macron looked like “knave”. People, who were aware of it, knew that it was not a simple coincidence. And at the beginning of 2017, “our knave” began turning into “king” thanks to mass media. And after the second round, he can become “Ace”. It is noteworthy to say that Macron is not only the choice of the powerful French people. There were only six French people at that meeting. And there were 35 Americans and the number of Europeans. So, it is not a surprise that Macron does not hide his sympathy towards the US. Someone made a joke and even called the candidate for the French president “Emmenuel Clinton”.

I recommend people who are in charge of making middle-term forecasts to learn the list of the participants of the Bilderberg meetings (they were not available before, however, there have been some leakages during last years ). The next meeting of the Bilderberg club will be held at the beginning of June. The place of the meeting is kept in secret.

However, if we can believe the recent leakage of information, the meeting will be in the US, in the state of California, at a place named Sierra Pines Resort.