what happens if the EU introduces a minimum wage?


If the EU introduces a minimum wage, its level will not even be Polish, but Romanian or Slovak, says the head of the Center for Political Economic Research of the Institute for a New Society, Vasily Koltashov.

The European Commission proposes to introduce a minimum wage in the EU, since many in Europe do not have sufficient means of subsistence.  This was announced on Wednesday by the head of the organization, Ursula von der Leyen.  According to her, the crisis has shown that it is necessary to introduce a minimum wage in the European Union.

The eurozone countries should be horrified by the proposal.  In theory, the emergence of a single minimum wage in the European Union could be a progressive step for many countries, but in practice this is not possible.

They want to introduce a common European wage? And what level are they going to equalize: according to Romanian or Swedish? If I were citizens of Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Norway, France, I would be horrified by this news. Because they will equalize wages according to  It was not by chance that I wondered what kind of wages they would take as a basis: Romanian or Swedish. It differs very much, more than twice. This beautiful phrase will be followed by lower wages in the above EU countries.  wages will be taken not even in Polish, but in Romanian or Slovak level.

As for migrants and foreign workers in EU countries, which often do not really have sufficient means of subsistence, this innovation of the EU will not affect them, Koltashov stated.

This does not concern them at all. Because in Europe they are simply not taken into account, no optics can see them. A huge number of migrants do not have any legal status in European countries, moreover, many do not even have any documents, they are called that - paperless people. They can earn very little, even several times less than the minimum that is set in every EU country. Sociology does not see these people.