Does Turkey need the EU anyway?


Australia's scrapping of the French submarines deal constitutes a turning point in the strength and solidarity of the Western alliance headed by the US, which dominated the world stage following the end of the Cold War period and the formation of

Quo Vadis, Europa?


This year, 2021, has been particular for Europe, in many ways and senses. Covid-pandemic and all its “side-effects” in European economies, civil societies, politics, protest behaviors of citizens etc.

GG or Geek Geopolitics (I)


A word we seem to hear a lot lately is “geek”, which refers to someone who has a passion or even an obsession for various technological innovations.

Joe Biden and the European sovereignty


Europe would be suffering from an acute identity crisis aggravated by the triumph of Brexit and by the “European balkanization process” devised by the US through selective terrorist attacks, the refugee crisis, the application of tariffs and the a