NATO Dominance and Italian submission


The Italian position in NATO is a position of submission - NATO gives orders, Italy performs them, as there are no other options. For the last 20 years Italy took part in all American wars – in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. But where are the results, where are the benefits? Despite our constitution, which forbids war, Italy took part in it, causing dissonance. For the Italian government the most important thing is to obey Washington, even if it contradicts the interests of the Italian people and the whole country. Italy is just a colony of NATO.

Sanctions against Russia are a catastrophic crash not only for Italy, but also for all of Europe. Italy is a country that held the second position for exports to Russia in the past. Now the Italian government does nothing, and continues to follow instructions from the US. The States pursue the aim of raising the confrontation level with Russia. This is a suicide for our economy and total destruction of the Italian industrial structure. What are our benefits? Only God knows how many companies have already vanished and how many workers have lost their jobs. We lose eight million euros daily. Thank God, recently something has begun to change. We have the "League of the North", which declared their disagreement with the sanctions loud and clear. Besides, on the regional level there are numerous signs of disagreement with the government’s policy. In Venice, Lombardy, Tuscany, and at other regional meetings, people voted for the recognition of Crimea as a part of Russia and for the cancellation of all sanctions. The Italian government cannot close its eyes to these facts any more. In order to change the direction of policy – it is necessary to change the government. And for this purpose it is necessary to wait for the upcoming elections in Italy.

I am convinced that the European Union is a prison. This is a consolidation of financial interests, but not the union of the people. This consolidation will not be long. Brexit – is a good example for us. Soon other countries will think of doing the same. Perhaps, this is the beginning of disintegration of the European Union.

A huge problem for Europe is refugees. The mass of refugees is a Trojan Horse for Europe. Opening the doors to this horde is madness. It is the destruction of the Western world. The flow of refugees generally serves to destabilise Europe. The purpose of this mass migration – is to replace the Christian population of Europe with an Islamic and African one. This is a demographic fact. We can speak about demographic mutation. I want to specify also that we shall make a distinction between refugees and migrants. A refugee is a person who runs from war. But most of the so-called refugees in Italy have come from Muslim countries and North Africa. There is no war in these countries. They are nothing, but just economic migrants. They know that they will be able to benefit here, by obtaining subsidies and privileges, which are not available even to poor local citizens of Italy.

Paradox: Europe is a continent of democracy; however we have no rights even to stammer at a referendum. Our democracy is a chimera. We have no right to solve any issue by ourselves. Great Britain is an extraordinary example of real democracy. If it works, we will try to do the same in Italy.

The fact that NATO supports Ukraine is not a secret. Just look at the statements of NATO and the Ukrainian government. I worked as a correspondent in the beginning of war in Sloviansk. I remember the attack of the Ukrainian army on rebels. I arrived to the place of events to make a photo report. It was more than two years ago. There, in the field, I saw survival packets with a "US army” label. According to Washington, internationalization of the conflict is an essence of the modern strategy of war. Their purpose is to place so-called peacekeepers in Donbass. Also it relies on the demonizing of Russia’s image in Europe. Propaganda works so hard that any argument from the Russian side seems unreasonable. They prepare the soldiers of Kiev and at the same time strengthen anti-Russian propaganda.This means that the option of “hot” war seems not so far. It's promotion is very strong. All talks are  about war against Russia. They do not speak about Donbass. In the West all information is written in one key – Putin is an aggressor. European mass media inserts the idea that we need the expansion of NATO and creation of new bases of NATO near the Russian borders. NATO plays a very dangerous game against Russia, which can transform into the third world war. It will be nuclear warfare. Nobody thinks of it. Be careful, Russia! Last time it cost more than twenty million lives. It is necessary to do everything possible to prevent this scenario.