Italy desperately needs change


The whole of Italy was anxiously waiting for the results of the referendum. And when we understood that Matteo Renzi had lost, this was a triumph of the people. This is a very important moment for all Italians.

The way how the people voted is the disapproving reaction to Renzi's policy. Citizens have shown loud and clear that they are mad and tired. Infinite economic crisis, excessive taxes, the constant threat posed by migrants - all of these problems remain unsolved.

We really cannot live like this any more.

I do not understand why Renzi could even think that he had any chances to win. There are two options: either he came from Mars, or he was counting on the chance that Italians are totally dumb and will swallow all his lies. But Italians have proved that they are conscious and willing to fight for their fate.

The results of the referendum also characterized the mood of all Europeans. We can no longer live in this Union. That's why there was Brexit in the UK. We see Eurosceptic movements in France and Germany. People are hungry for change. I hope this is the beginning of the collapse of the European Union.

Now, we need someone to replace Renzi. There are already several candidates for this position. I hope that the next prime minister will be elected by the people and not appointed from above, as happened with his predecessor. We’ve already had four prime ministers who had never been elected, so how can we call Italy a democratic country? We need a new, functional government and a new prime minister. I am convinced that now it is time to arrange a vote on a change of the government.

Our country desperately needs change.

I recently read an article that cited the sad fact that during the last three years in Italy, 471 people dared to commit suicide because of the economic crisis and excessive taxes. This is a complete disaster.

People do not need a puppet government. We want someone who loves our country as much as we do.