Russia’s ascent to World power and its relation to the decline of the EU


Starting from today we want to highlight Russia’s position, which will definitely define the future of the world, and with it the future of the various peoples inhabiting it that view Russia’s stance as a glimmer of hope. Having gone through a period of darkness imposed by the Unipolar power or axis, where no international law article was respected, the only law that was adhered to was that of personnel gain and interests, holding firmly to double standards without any second thought to the high minded values they claim such as justice, liberty, and adherence to international law or even respecting the sentiments of their own people, of which universal peace has as it’s primary objective and aspiration.

Unipolar dominance started with the desolation of the soviet union in 1990 by a color revolution, perhaps it’s naming as such is ambiguous at the time because the leaders of that revolution were themselves the leaders of the soviet union, who exploited the peoples thirst for freedom and the “good life” (which is a right for every human being) in order to destroy and/or dismantle a great country and a vast empire (Translator Note: Russia has been historically a guarantor of peace in Eurasia) with a shambolic surrender. No analyst could find an excuse for them other than to point their finger at the governing elite at the time and accuse them of treason. If it weren’t the case then they would have reformed their system of governance, and would have maintained at the same time the state institutions and wouldn’t have handed over the country in the most bizarre cases of surrender that history has ever witnessed. It was as if the USSR lost a world war. Even Crimea, which is considered to have pivotal importance for many reasons, one of which is it’s naval base that gives Russia’s naval fleet access to warm waters, Yeltsin handed Crimea over to Ukraine even though the Ukrainians were asking for the independence of Ukraine and relinquished any claims to Crimea but Yeltsin (at the advice of one of his assistants) thought it would take much of his valuable time to write up a new agreement so he gave it up.

These political figures used the “color revolution” and the Russian people’s aspiration for economic and humanistic freedoms and dismembered in the glimpse of an eye an empire, and turned Russia into a country suffering severe economic hardship with a large segment of the population living beneath the line of poverty (the years that followed the dismemberment of the USSR of which I have memories of while visiting the country for business purposes). The war on Yugoslavia in 1999 was also a devastating experience for the Russian people, watching Russia being humiliated and attacked whilst it’s leaders were apathetic to the destiny of the country and the wider region. Change was instigated in 2000 with the arrival of a man who refused to bow down, and decided with a group of patriotic Russians to change the country’s direction and trajectory - this man is Vladimir Putin. Putin’s presidency started during the first months of the year 2000 and right away Russia started to change. This is in large part due to the Russian people’s love of their country and command. Russia’s leadership started to steer the ship away from disaster and redirected towards safer shores, it also started to pay attention to the hopes, concerns, and aspirations of the Russian people whether it be economical, societal, or political, it has also worked tirelessly to achieve the people’s national and humanist dreams without succumbing to long dead ideologies such as Bolshevism, Nazism, chauvinistic nationalism, also without the ruthless and merciless application of Neo-Liberalism, rather with a humanism that rests upon sound values and the nations interests (Dugin’s fourth political theory), thus Russia’s ascent to the top starts, where it should be.

What has happened is done now, the unipolar world started to plot for world domination. Europe before the collapse of the USSR was starting to build it’s economic institutions that aimed towards economic integration between the European nations, and suddenly with a stroke of a pen the Maastricht Treaty appeared in 1992 that lay the foundations for the appearance of the European Union in November 1st, 1993. A smooth transition followed, what started as a European integration project became the European Union at the behest of the Unipolar world power - the United States - so that the EU would be an alternative capable of absorbing eastern European nations (the former Warsaw nations) and the former soviet space, to continue to expand and gobble up new lands that were formerly allies of Russia, in order that when they reach Russia she would be weakened via a process of stealing the natural resources, especially Russian gas that flows to most European homes. The Unipolar power recognized that in order to control the entire globe they needed to control Russia, the heart of Eurasia. Eastern European countries were admitted into the EU along with other Baltic countries in 2004. In the mean time Russia was going through rapid transformations, which found it’s reflection on the Russian people’s daily lives, positively so, the people of Russia who are well known for their patriotism gave their leadership the mandate and trust to press on.

Russia regained it’s vitality and started to find her way back home, where she belonged, but the US continued unconcerned by the rise of Russia, to eat their way into the heartland, a case in point is the attempt to assert control over south Ossetia in 2008, but Russia’s responded according to her national interests and the interests of the people of South Ossetia. But this small war, battle if you like, exposed one thing Russia needed to upgrade and revitalize her army.

The most serious attack by the US thus far on Russia has been through Ukraine. The scheme was to snatch Ukraine away from Russia and enroll Ukraine into the EU, thus removing Ukraine from the Russian camp and placing it in the US led axis, especially since Russian gas to Europe goes through Ukraine. It also holds Crimea where Russia docks it naval fleet. Had the plan worked it would have hurt Russia on two different levels: one is economical and the other is militarily, more so it would have been a blow given Ukraine’s historical significance to Russia. The Russian leadership was prepared to defend their historical and national interests, thus their first response was to annex Crimea in the shrewdest of ways. The west was stunned, unable to respond because if they had then serious consequences would have followed that would have affected the entire planet. Russia was also able with those who refused to accept the coup in Eastern Ukraine to establish a new entity called Novorossiya inhabited by a Russian ethnic majority that has pro Russia sympathies. 

The Western/US failure in Ukraine in 2014 symbolized the shift in the tide. New opportunities have arisen in Europe since then, and the Europe that was dreaming of a Russian cake, with US backing and support, and through them they can restore the balance of their economies. Europe found itself inept to follow through on their plans to contain and dominate Russia. Europeans are starting to question the purpose of this union that is burdened by several member states who are bankrupt.

These countries were accepted on the sole purpose of weakening Russia and encircling her, so when the dream of containing and dominating Russia turned out to be unattainable this will undoubtedly cause the Union to disintegrate because it’s reason for existence is no longer there. The British people were the first to know and recognize this fact, and so they opted in a haste to quit the Union having failed in order to stay out of the way of the debris. Other rich European peoples will follow suit, and they will find their interests not in spending their money on other countries for expansionist aims and dreams that are untenable. Britain exit from the EU today is a sign that this EU project is unable to hold up a bright picture of itself in order to convince their people, because they were neither independent nor did they form a new pole in the world order, rather they have been consistent stooges of the Unipolar force that is the US.

It could be the case that the era of the peoples have started, perhaps the wars that are raging at the moment will help in raising a societal awareness in different communities of the world, that refuses double standards and affirms the right of the people to a real democracy that no longer exists in Europe on the political level, because the people’s wishes are something and what the elites do is in a different planet. Maybe, just maybe, this awakening will force the European elites to respect the interests of their own people. The mass consciousness that we are living through today is not dissimilar to what occurred post WW II - that it is a necessity to retain the values of freedom, justice, and adherence to international law.

This will invariably lead to the disintegration of the EU, which was not founded to benefit the European peoples rather to benefit the US, and lurking in the shadows behind the US is the financial elites that govern this world.


Russia’s resolute stance was able to cause a shift in European politics, and on the international stage as well, Syria’s survival and before it the resistance in Lebanon were able to shift the balance in their favor in the Middle East. These are the values of the “Creative Humanity” axis (The term was used by one of Syria’s religious scholars Sheikh Shaaban Mansour in his commentary on the US project of “Creative chaos” when meeting Russia’s Defense Minister during his visit in Syria), These are the values upheld by the multi-polar axis and those who refuse to bow down in Syria. What they say is this: We don’t want to attack anybody, we want to defend our country, our values, our interests, we will not falter and we will be victorious on all those who wage a war against us, an unjust war. It is only a matter of time and patience, and in the end we will triumph.