Trump: The Dragon is dead. Long live the Dragon!

The following is from Interview with Turkish expert Fuad Abbasov

Many have been puzzled by the statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry that Ankara approves the US strikes on Syrian airport, during which people were killed.

There is no deep meaning here, because Turkey is still a member of NATO, NATO member should react to the actions of his ally in that way. In addition,Turkey's policy towards Syria was always based on Assad's withdrawal. Turkey will support any actions against Assad.

One would expect something else after Putin's meeting with Erdogan. Despite the fact that they are now in good relations, Turkey is still a member of NATO.
The movement the US has launched is a cruiser in the Mediterranean Sea, neither Erdogan, Vladimir Putin, nor Trump can stop it, I do not believe that the bombardment was launched by Trump. I think Trump received this ordered from the establishment. We've lost a strong, ambitious leader. One can feel the influence of Jewish politicians here.

It's strange that when Israel starts bombing there is no reaction. But when America bombs, everyone is divided into 2 camps - supporters and haters." You may ask, what's the deal with Israel? It seems to me that Israel has a great influence over the American establishment.

Today's situation is a good test for Turkey. This attack could help terrorists move forward. I would not be surprised if tomorrow we'll get news that terrorists are seizing Syria's settlements.

What is happening now in Syria reminds me Baghdad in 2003 or Yugoslavia in 1999, when one country, unilaterally and without any approval from other countries was bombing one weak disobedient state.

It seems to me that the same thing happened with Trump. The Dragon is dead. Long live the Dragon! It seems to me that he, just like the previous presidents of America, was simply broken.

Now, Trump will have to decide whether to follow his pre-election promises, or obey the orders of the establishment.

We will observe the future of the US accordind to Trump's decisions. Russia, Turkey and Iran must comply with the conditions that have been achieved in Astana. It seems to me that this is the only way out of the Syrian crisis. All other decisions will lead to the death of civilians.
I sincerely hope that both Russian and Turkish leaders will come to a political solution to this problem.


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