Syrian crisis: The US Sneaky Game


The first day of assault on Raqqa was officially revealed in the press-release of the Joint forces that consist of the joint military groups of the Syrian.

Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syrian Arab coalition run and guided by the US. In other words, this formation is run by the Kurds and it is mostly formed with the Assyrians and some fighters from the tribes in the north-east of Syria and also with an unclear group called the Revolutionary opposition supported by the US. This formation was a part of SDF before. And according to the views of some analysts, it was separately mentioned which means that the separation of these alliances happened as soon as the US eventually stopped supporting the Kurds and decided to make a political bet on the Arab “opposition”.

The first day of the assault started but it was calm and casual and reminded the US style of actions: bombing strikes on the city were carried out by helicopters Apache and the ground of Raqqa was attacked by 155 mm howitzers M777. It looked like merciful actions during the marching.

However, no real move forward has not seen since the communiqué about the assault was announced. Raqqa is not really surrounded and ISIS (banned in Russia) is still using it in order to move to Palmyra and Deir-ez- Zor. And even ISIS is stroke badly by the Air Force of Syrian and the Russian Aerospace Forces in the direction of Palmyra and, as well as its convoys and vehicles are destroyed, however, ISIS got some success near Deir-ez- Zor thanks to the support from Raqqa and made the situation of the government forces worse.

It is a typical situation for America

ISIS started again attacking the government forces divided into two positions in Deir-ez-Zor. The terrorists managed to conquer the part of the territory in the area of 137 th army base and the Panorama base at the first day of their attack. It causes a serious threat for the unity of SAA position – it is a very dense area and if one of its section falls, the connection between defense subdivisions breaks, which let the rival cause a lot of damage to the fighting back.

The Syrian Army is supported by the Russian and Syrian Air Forces here, however, the US encourage to transfer the ISIS forces from Raqqa and, in this case, ISIS gets more force priorities. The Syrian army keeps holding its position but there is a high risk that the government exclave can fall in Deir-ez- Zor, according to the observers.

The activity of insurgents is very provocative because this city is very convenient place for defense. Unlike Raqqa, that fell and the leaders of ISIS are seemed to admit this fact, this city can be used as a new “capital” of “caliphate”.

Here is a question: why does a networking, political and military formation need this city?

The answer: they need it for nothing. After WikiLeaks revealed the documents that proved that the US intelligence covered ISIS, we can see a really nasty picture of this situation. In fact, it could be like this if it were not politics and Western barbers that use the meaning “expediency” instead of the word “meanness”. And the picture is gathered in the following way.

It is not spoken but ISIS, which is controlled by the US, left Raqqa for the US and their coalition after some resistance. Therefore, the government in Damascus deprived of the important industrial and intellectual center, and lost control over the dam and fresh water too. Also, it deprived of oil development in this area.

Meanwhile, ISIS made Deir-ez- Zor fall and announced it as its new capital. This situation made the Kurds use from SDF the assault. The Kurds acted from the north part of the city but they did not rash to help the government forces. And after the pro-American coalition conquered the city, the control of this oil rich area became overwhelming. The US started controlling the Eastern part of Syria by cutting the territories occupied by the government of Damascus from the border with Iraq that is actually from allied Iran.

Syrian-Iranian assault

We cannot say that Damascus looks at what is happening in the region without any initiative. While the Kurds and the US are concentrating more on Raqqa, the forces of SAA is coming closer to the region, they have taken the important location of ISIS, city Maskanah, and they are moving to the south-east, along the bank of the Euphrates, to Tabqah direction. They can meet the Kurds from SDF somewhere in the region of Muhaddada and, that’s why, the ISIS defensive line can be liquidated.

The military analysts think that there is a small possibility that SAA will bypass Tabqah in order to take part in the assault of Raqqa. It is minimum that Syria needs so that Damascus will start coordinating its actions together with the US during the difficult fighting attacks such as the assault of the city. According to operational rules, the Syrian army might have a chance to move to Deir-ez- Zor and remove the blockade from the city or it is more reasonable if it moves to Palmira and intercepts roads and then moves to the back of ISIS that is attacking the city. In this case, the way to Deir-ez- Zor will be open automatically.

ISIS is attacking strongly the Palmira direction and using the attacks of “Shahid-vehicles”, massive artillery strikes and strong assaults of ground troops that the leaders of ISIS use during the fighting without any pity. There is a really violate battle near town Huveisis where the government forces are attacking the thousands of “caliphate” fighters. However, the troops of Damascus are holding their position.

At the same time, in the southern direction, the government forces keep moving slowly and persistently to the border of Jordan in the region of At Tanf. In this case, the Shiite allies of Damascus that get a military material support from Iran are considered to be a part of the government forces. The US carried out precisely a new airstrike on them in order to not let the Shiites move to At Tanf.

The US explained this attack that they need to protect the “non-conflict zone” but nobody was misled by this. In fact, the US do not participate in Astana process that defined “zones of descalation” and they cannot have any right to determine such zones on their own without Damascus’ approval. Moscow did not forget to remind this fact to Washington and it shows that Russia has a strong position regarding this issue. The observers do not exclude that this situation can let the Russian Aerospace Forces patrol directly the Syrian forces, so the American could hardly dare to attack.

Moreover, according to some information, 4 th tank division of SAA is deploying nearDaraa. It uses new tanks T-90 and it is commanded by Bashar Assad’s brother, Maher Assad. In other words, the division will not only represent a serious military force but a politician one. The fact that it is deploying one kilometer away from Jordan’s border shows clearly its purpose – cleaning the area along the dividing line with Jordan and displacing or destroying pro-American insurgents – regardless the US “disapproval”.

We should consider that Russian President Vladimir Putin reminded us last time in his message that in case of a large scale military conflict between the US and Russia, we could expect not a victory but a complete self-destruction, and his message is likely to refer to the Syrian events and have a necessity to destroy the barbarian illusions of the US.