Big Boys’ Rules in Ukraine


NATO’s recent terrorist tactics have ensured that Russia’s pending big push to recapture Catherine the Great’s Odessa before pushing onwards to secure the Romanian border and thereby lift the siege of Transnistria will not be the end of this Ukrai

The Agony Of The West


The G7 summit in Bavaria and the Nato summit in Madrid were supposed to announce the West’s punishment of the Kremlin for its “special military operation in Ukraine”.

Ukraine’s Dark Web Arms Arsenal


Although NATO has already supplied Clown Prince Zelensky’s rogue regime with enough materiel, some $50 bn worth (not that anyone is counting), to arm a medium sized nation, there is overwhelming evidence that much of those weapons have found their

Finland in NATO


On May 12, the Prime Minister and the President of Finland officially announced that they had decided to apply for NATO membership.

The League of Saint Brendan


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – the ‘brain dead’ zombie organization that lives on decades after the end of the Cold War – continues to exert tremendous influence over many nations in Western Europe and North America, thanks in lar

Sweden in NATO


Unlike Finland, Sweden does not have a common border with Russia, so the entry of this country into the North Atlantic Alliance may not be perceived as too much problematic.