France's exit from NATO?


In the event of being reelected President in the presidential elections in spring 2022, Macron will try to catalyze the chauvinism of the French by restoring the atavism of la Grandeur, a doctrine that would combine the cult of the economic, polit

Quo Vadis, Europa?


This year, 2021, has been particular for Europe, in many ways and senses. Covid-pandemic and all its “side-effects” in European economies, civil societies, politics, protest behaviors of citizens etc.

The New East-West Cold War: Ukraine and the NATO-Russian Western Theater


A popular theory that for the most part works I democratic peace theory, which holds that democracies do not go to war against each other. Democracies and authoritarian or totalitarian regimes go to war against each other. Authoritarian and/or totalitarian regimes do so as well. The United States is undergoing a de-democratization and could become a regime that is more authoritarian than democratic during the Biden-Harris administration’s first term—something similar to what happened in the mid-2000s in Russia under Vladimir Putin. Add to this the authoritarian character of Washington’s two main adversaries and you have not a burgeoning democratic peace but a new East-West, not Russia-West ‘new cold war.’

Ukraine: Frozen Conflict Is Hotting Up


The terrible beauty of “frozen conflicts” is that it takes hardly any effort to turn up the heat and re-escalate them into hot violence, but pressing the “pause” button later would need consensus, which is not so easy.