The mission of Syrian Peace and Reconciliation Delegation to Ireland


The mission of the Syrian Peace and Reconciliation Delegation to Ireland was a success. But still Syria needs more successes.

The situation in Syria, as East Aleppo's human shields show, remains very bad for all Syrians. Although this visit was strictly non-political.  It had to be clearly stated that EU sanctions, in which Ireland is fully complicit, are responsible for more deaths than even ISIS. The bulk of the Irish people do not accept that rampant collusion or that of our media, which is a crimson blight on our neutrality.

As the main members of the mission, we had the Grand Mufti of Syria, His Grace Dr Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, we had two patriarchs, which is very unusual to have on the same delegation - His Holiness, Ignatius Aphrem II of Antioch is Patriarch of Antioch, and the world's spiritual leader of the Syriac Orthodox Church and His Beatitude, Gregory III Laham is Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, and Alexandria and Jerusalem, and the world's spiritual leader of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, and we had two doctors from Syria to give a non-religious point of view - Dr Ahmad al Khaddour, a cardiothoracic surgeon and a Professor of Medicine at Damascus University and  Dr Bashir Mohammad, a cardiologist.

The enemies of Syria were very unhappy with this visit and tried to spoil the mission.Our mainstream media concentrated on the Grand Mufti on Syria, saying that he supports suicide bombers and other things like that. But the realty of Syria today is that the Syrian army has never used suicide bombers for war, so why would they send suicide bombers to Europe and to Ireland? Therefore, the accusation is stupid.

If we look today at what has happened to Aleppo, we will see that hundreds of thousands of civilians are happy to be Syrian allies and Russian allies. But the media, including in Ireland, is saying that the Syrian army is killing all the civilians. We can see the logic: these people (extremists and the U.S. financial oligarchs) will continue to lie at any costs.

In the case of Ireland, there are extremist Muslim Brotherhood fanatics who were sending suicide bombers to the Middle East. That's why they were against the visit of the good guys, who are looking for peace and are saying the truth.

The situation in Syria reminds me of Russian's war with Napoleon. We have one type of Syrians fighting against Syria's enemies and the other part of Syrians who don't know what to do. So it needs people from the outside.

Obviously, Russia is playing the major role. But what is needed in the West is to confront the Western lies. For example, on Irish television, we had the Syrian Mufti with the Greek Catholic Patriarch by the Christmas tree shaking hands. And then the media were telling us that the Mufti is an Islamic extremist. So, there is one thing and the media is telling is the exact opposite. just like in Aleppo today.

Sanctions from the European Union and America are killing poor Syrian civilians and helping ISIS, that's a fact. The fact in Aleppo is that Russia has sent a lot of aid and America has sent nothing for civilians, not one piece of bread. That is the reality.

We have to show to the political, religious and economic leaders of the West all these lies and try to save Syria. Because Saudi Arabia, America, Qatar, etc. have so much money, it's not going to be easy.

Therefore, we must concentrate on our next steps. The goals of the visit were to firstly send a fact-finding medical, religious, political and humanitarian mission to the Syrian Arab Republic from Ireland, as well as from other independent-minded countries; to encourage Irish charity and NGO groups to send aid to Damascus via Trócaire/Caritas and other transparent and credible conduits that Syria's venerable religious leaders recommend; and to lay the foundations for a major international fact-finding and medical delegation to visit Damascus and environs on March 17th 2017, St Patrick's Day. I think the Americans will be very angry about that, but that's their problem.

We all have to do what we can do. Now after the visit there is many more of us despite all provocations and lies. We did this and it was a big victory. We brought these men of peace and other countries like Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria should copy what we did.

The enemies of peace are very strong and powerful, but this is what we have to deal with.