Fears of Pope Francis


In an interview with the popular Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Pope Francis commented on the recent meeting of the G20 countries and said that he saw the danger in Russia's alliances with other states, for example, with the United States.

Here's what he said: "I'm afraid of very dangerous alliances between powers that have a distorted view of the world - America and Russia, China and North Korea, Putin and Assad during the war in Syria."

So what does the current pontiff see as danger?

Pope Francis admitted that he was concerned about the main problem of the modern world - immigration, associated with social disasters. And Europeans are afraid of the flow of refugees that has rushed from troubled countries.

The head of the Roman Church also spoke about the reason why the immigration wave moved to Europe: "Poor people are attracted to continents and countries of ancient wealth, especially Europe." Colonialism departed from Europe, there were positive aspects of colonization, but also negative ones, but Europe became richer, richest In the world, this will be the main goal of nomadic peoples. " That is, the Pope worries about the safety of the riches of Europe.

But did Russia, China and North Korea bomb Iraq, Libya? These were NATO countries, the backbone of which is made up of European countries with their rich colonial past. And who organized the modern revolutions in the Arab states and northern Africa? Again, Russia, China and North Korea are to blame?

Maybe the pontiff should turn his pastoral word directly to his flock - the leaders of European states who forcibly carry "democracy" to where they are not asked.

But still, most likely that this statement was made by Pope Francis in view of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. After all, it is completely unclear what kind of danger for the peace can represent the union of the United States and Russia, which is able to keep from a dangerous point the balance of power in the world. Or the Pontiff's concern is only about the wealth of Europe?