Apostates of the Vatican: Pope Francis Annexes the Order of Malta

Source: pixabay.com Author: reynaldodallin

Some move along. Protestant leaders believe that if the US continued to pursue a policy of rescuing Christians in particular, they would get puffed up with pride. So, through quotes from the Bible, one can speculate that these Fallen Christians have become the main agents of the globalist neoliberal policy.

This begs the quote from the Sacred Scripture: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

Let no one maintain illusions about liberal Protestants. These heretics have shown themselves as fanatical fighters against traditionalism in the form of the Catholic Church. However, as it turns out, Catholics may face a serious crisis too.

Pope Francis, who is famous for his liberal views, has declared war against knightly orders, the staple of Catholic traditionalism. Francis used to criticize the conservatism of the Order of Malta, urging its knights to abandon military uniforms and regalia. Recently, the Pope, despite all rules and codes, removed Matthew Festing, the Grand Master of the Order of Malta, from the office. Taking into consideration the fact that the Vatican intervened in the internal affairs of the Order, which is considered a state, these actions can be called annexation.

The conflict began when the Grand Master had discovered that the Jesuits, on behalf of the Order of Malta, distributed condoms, which directly contradicts the position of the Church on the inadmissibility of artificial contraception. Festing closed the project and began to fight the liberals closely related to the Vatican Jesuits and who are inside the Order. The Pope called to stop the purging, trying to protect his people, and was ignored. As a result, Francis forced Grand Master Festing to resign.

The Pope`s actions have evoked outrage from conservative Catholics. Behind all his ostentatious rusticity and bright PR-actions like the refusal to use special transport or the washing of the feet of migrants, lie particular actions which undermine the doctrine of the Church. In October 2014, Pope Francis at a meeting of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences said that God is not “a magician, with a magic wand which is able to do everything”. Then he recognized the theory of evolution and the Big Bang theory. It should be noted that these theories, not even hypotheses, are still criticized by scientists. Then Francis called to help migrants who began to come to Europe.

He personally washed and kissed their feet. Meanwhile, he did nothing to stop the war in the Middle East, the reason why those people became refugees. He did not call on countries to stop sponsoring terrorists, and he did not call to lift the humanitarian blockade in Syria despite the crying need for food and medicine. He remembered about his flock in the Middle East only after Patriarch Kirill had reminded him.

While the Vatican takes an active part in politics, Francis criticizes Italian right-wing patriots for anti-migrant policies.

The Pope’s actions and words often shock Catholics.

He encourages them to be loyal to perverts, calls cohabitation “a variety of family situations” (including cases with sodomites), and distinguishes more than two genders. On November 14th, 2016, four cardinals resorted to a rare step. They published five questions to the Pope on the most controversial points of his "Amoris Laetitia.”

However, the answer was too lengthy. It is clear that Pope Francis is manipulating mass consciousness. The question is: “Who benefits from this?”.