Eurasia can solve most of Europe’s problems


On the issue of differences between the West and Russia, I am inclined to agree with Professor Dugin, who argues that Russia is not Europe. Europe and Russia are parts of the same continent which begins from Vladivostok and ends in Lisbon. This great continent is Eurasia.

I believe that most of the modern European world's issues can be solved by establishing a Eurasian Union. Throughout our long history, Russia and Western Europe have been good neighbors. The West is an absolutely strange continent - North America. As Alexander Dugin says, the ideology of the West is absolute individualism.

I believe that the Europe we are seeing now, with all the crisis and suffering, is just another colony of the United States of America. For a long time, the American order has been imposed and gradually been able to change the European lifestyle. All European cultural traditions and values have been lost due to globalization.

For many years, the Americans managed this global project. One of the stages of their plan was to fill European countries with migrants and refugees. The elite that controls the US understood that the main barrier on their way to global hegemony is European nationalism. Europeans love and respect their traditions, their own identity and history. Of course, the European Union project itself was a part of the same plan which was successfully implemented and has caused so much damage to Europeans.

Therefore, the large number of migrants which we are now seeing everywhere is another part of the plan. Now, the Americans are very successfully carrying out their plan of replacing the historic population of Europe with new, easily manipulated and uneducated masses.