The Democrats have no one to blame but themselves


A lot has been said about Donald Trump’s victory and since I don’t like to regurgitate information, I will tell you this: The Democrats have no one to blame but themselves.

First of all, this is a second time in recent memory, the first time was in the 2000’s presidential election and the subsequent controversial victory of George W. Bush and now in 2016 with Donald Trump, when the opposing candidate actually won the popular vote but lost the election because of our Electoral college system, both of which as a result, the presidency was rewarded to the losing candidate.

There is a lot of discussion right now in the United States that we should do away with the Electoral college all together. Mr. Trump even hinted to that before election. Of course, now that he was a beneficiary of the aforementioned system, he will probably be against the abolition of the Electoral college because it worked in his advantage.

If the Electoral college system was to be abolished, it would require a constitutional convention which under the current divisiveness in Washington seems like an impossibility. But the Electoral college is an antiquated system. Originally the Electoral college was founded for two purposes:

First, it was to serve the elite establishment. The Founding Fathers didn't really believe in the choices that common men could make. They wanted to have an oversight body that would monitor the results in case the public made a “wrong choice”.

Second, the Electoral college was designed in case there was a foreign intervention in the popular vote or in cases of vote rigging. The purpose of the Electoral college was to oversee such situations and serve as a correction mechanism.

Ironically, the topic of direct foreign intervention in terms hacking was widely introduced in this election. If that was the case, then the Electoral college didn't really do its job and actually worked against the very reason why it was created which was to avoid any foreign intervention. So, this was a very interesting and incongruous situation.

Of course we still don't know if all the accusations of hacking are true or whether they are propaganda. Naturally, the Russian government has firmly and categorically denied such baseless accusations.

Besides, it's very paradoxical that Washington is complaining about any potential foreign intervention because in all honestly, during the past 70 years that we have been become an empire instead of the republic that we were designed to be (ever since the victory over Japan in 1946 to be exact), we have interfered in just about everybody else's elections. So now, if this actually did happen to us, it would be very karmic.

But personally, I doubt that there was an intervention. Several days ago, President Obama raised this issue again, claiming that the CIA had actual evidences. But just like many other instances during the last 15 years when the CIA made blatant accusations, once again we have a situation where they provide no real evidence. It's just groundless claims, using mainstream media’s usual psychological warfare tactics.

I believe these are desperate acts of sour losers – typical liberal cries of foul play. The Democrats don't have anybody to blame but themselves. It’s their own fault for nominating a corrupt and decrepit candidate who was widely hated. All the polls clearly indicated that if the Democrats nominated Senator Bernie Sanders, he would have been the only one who could have defeated Donald Trump. Instead, through the corrupt usurping powers of the Clintons, the Democratic establishment nominated Hillary who had very high disapproval ratings. All the writing on the wall was ignored and she usurped her power.

So it should not be a surprise that Donald Trump won. With such dismal choice this year, the Electoral college picked Trump in an attempt to put a cap on widespread rightwing anarchy had Hillary been crowned.