Alexander Azadgan

Alexander Azadgan is a Professor of Business Studies & International Political Economy in Southern California. He's also a Senior Geopolitical Policy Advisor to several world governments.

He regularly appears on various global news channels as a senior political commentator. Additionally, he's the former Editor-at-Large with United World International Analytical Center (UWI) and the former Editor-at-Large with Imperia News.

Professor Azadgan is a regular keynote speaker at think-tanks, symposiums, and international conferences. He focuses on both the global north as well as global south, specializing in global business & political economy, international relations, foreign policy, geo-strategic policy making, geopolitical trends analysis & forecasting, and emerging issues in cultures & religions. He confronts global issues through the multidisciplinary knowledge base. His particular geographical areas of specialty are US, Europe, Southwest Asia, and Northeast Asia.

He is a member of the Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) which is a loosely-defined group of thought leaders and commentators who oppose political correctness and cancel culture in higher education and news media within western countries. He speaks five languages, fluent in three and is based in California, USA.