American Uprising against the Deep State oligarchy


I was expecting Donald Trump to get the nomination back at a time when there was strong competition among the Republicans and very few people thought he was a serious candidate. It was clear to me that he was tapping into a very strong mood among the American people, who are just sick and tired of this establishment when there is such a bad situation for so many people in a heartland of our country.

Of course it is significant that he won Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan - all the "Rust Belt" states. This is our heartland, this is where the heavy muscle of our country used to be, and it has been in a terrible shape for decades.

There is a very strong parallel between the decline of some aspects of our system and the decline of the Soviet Union. It's even shown in the death rates of the working middle class of this country, where life expectancy has been going down for years. The same situation existed in the late Soviet Union period.

Therefore, it is very significant that this was coming but a lot of people simply missed it, especially people with an elitist point of view because they don't live in the real world. They live in a bubble on the West Coast or on the East Coast where everybody is like them, everybody thinks like them, and they don't see how real people think and live.

I think there are a couple reasons why the entire mainstream media assault on Trump didn't work. Let's remember that he was subjected to the most vicious campaign of defamation and slander in the history of the galaxy.

The mainstream media not only predicted that Hillary would win but was actively working in any possible way to ensure her victory. In fact, they didn't bother to hide it in many cases. They were simply an arm of her campaign. This relates to what I tried to point out in my study “How American Media Serves as a Transmission Belt for Wars of Choice,” which was published on katehon.

The media not just serve the Deep State oligarchy that runs the Western world, they are actually a part of it. So when they look at Hillary Clinton they literally see her as “our” candidate, as an expression of the oligarchy to which they belong. That's why it is so important that what we had was not so much an election as an uprising. It wasn't about Republicans and Democrats, it was about “us,” the people, versus “them,” the oligarchy.

Increasingly the media became ineffective -- people don't trust the media anymore. Again, the situation is much like in the late Soviet period. People did not believe what the mass media were saying. They looked for clues between the lines and also turned to foreign media and alternative sources, trying to compare different sources of information and to figure out what the truth is. We have almost gotten to a point that everything the media says is determined to be a lie, even if sometimes it is true but people don’t believe it just because the media is saying so. I think it shows how much credibility the media have lost in this country with the mass of the people.