Bomb in the mailbox. What was it?


Dangerous financial speculator, billionaire and sponsor of "human rights activists" of the whole world, George Soros, put a bomb in the mailbox of his home in New York State. Any of the 65,000 Americans who signed the petition demanding to recognize the “philanthropist” as a terrorist could have placed it. Although, most likely, it is sabotage to blame anyone need. For example, the American President Donald Trump, and perhaps the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Or maybe both.

The fact that this is an uncomplicated fraud, says the very circumstances of the incident. A suspicious package was discovered by an employee of the residence of the globalist magnate, who was absent. This man was not afraid to take the bomb in his hands, because, apparently, he knew that it would not explode, he calmly carried it to the nearest forest, called the police to start a case, and at the same time blew up an explosive device, making sure that it was not a fake.

Most likely, all this is a typical provocation, designed to exacerbate the situation in the United States on the eve of midterm elections to Congress in early November, in order to frighten and activate left-liberal supporters.

Prominent figures, especially politicians, often make assassination attempts on themselves, in order to blame their opponents for this and mercilessly attack them on this pretext.

The Soros Foundation operates in 30 countries around the world, funding “civil initiatives” in the interests of an “open society”. But in reality - undermining national states, promoting “modern values” instead of traditional ones, speaking against religion, Christianity, above all for “minority rights”, mass migration. Over a billion dollars have been officially spent on this and similar projects, unofficially - much more, especially since this structure is only part of the vast Soros empire, which unofficially does in the interests of globalists what the governments under their control do not dare.

Soon we will find out who will be blamed. While the American president goes to rallies of his supporters in various parts of the country, at one of which, in Texas, he declared himself a “nationalist,” an army of illegal migrants paid by Soros is approaching the southern borders of the United States. Putting the children forward as an indulgence, it wants to break from Mexico into the United States. Thus, Soros, with the connivance of the authorities of the Central American countries, prepared a trap for Trump.

The President of the United States promises to involve the army in order to prevent the invasion of this caravan, which is rushing against his country with the support of Soros and other grant-based “human rights” organizations. As a result, closer to the elections, when this giant camp rests with screams: “There are children here!” Into the American border, the choice of the US authorities will be small. They will either have to open fire on illegal immigrants in order to prevent a crowd from breaking through into a sovereign country, or open their borders to the army of Soros because of “humanitarian considerations” in order not to harm children.

Why Soros?

Of course, an unsuccessful attempt on Soros can be “hung up” on anyone at all — his tentacles have literally enmeshed the whole world.

Soros is in the center of the globalists 'efforts to replace the European population: for many years now, with his money, “human rights defenders' ships”, cooperating with criminals, continuously import tens of thousands of illegal migrants across the Mediterranean to Europe. Soros and its subsidiaries took the most active part in the Balkan Route, which emerged in 2015, through which millions of illegal migrants penetrated into Western and Central Europe from Turkey and through the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea. It was an invaluable experience: a huge crowd, now moving through Central America to the southern borders of the United States, is a new “Balkan route”, but in the New World.

Only in the last one or two years, news about the intervention of Soros and its subversive activities in Europe came from Britain, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Austria and other countries. The recent events in Armenia are also in many respects his business: the corrupt officials were “eaten” by grant eaters, who will now deal with the same, plus they will collapse the country.

In Britain, Soros wants to beat Brexit and allocated a lot of money for it, and succeeded in many respects. He is not always lucky: in Hungary and Poland, Soros did not succeed in “regime change”, he could not prevent nationally oriented politicians from taking power in Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy. But Soros and Co. turned out in Spain, where the new left government, which came to power as a result of backstage intrigues, opened the doors to illegal migrants and implants the most modern “European values” in the country.

Therefore, we will not be surprised if Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban or Putin himself, who really “have a motive” to be disgruntled with Soros, will be held responsible for the unsuccessful attempt on Soros. For modern biased Western justice, this is actually "proof."