Soros’ Geopolitical Fashion Show


While US President Donald Trump was giving his speech to the CIA spooks at their HQ on Saturday, the other wing of CIA spooks was cheering the protest against him and his election. And not only cheering. Gloria Steinem, the co-chair of the Women's March, has been the agency's asset since the late 1960s. Her activities and work for the CIA were revealed decades ago. But she is a mainstream media star and feminist, very convenient for appealing to brainwashed masses, as she contributed to that brainwashing herself. She can successfully appeal to some women. Indeed, at times to masses of women - the masses of hysterical women who can be triggered by stupid phrases like 'human rights', 'women's rights', 'body politics', 'gender politics', 'women's power' and all the other feminists' magnificently dumb mantras. 

“Killary" also tweeted her support for these robot women brainwashed over the years by stupid propaganda – the contradictions and inconsistencies in their ideology are of such magnitude that only idiots can fail see them. Soros funded Killary’s campaign and it is none other than Soros-funded organizations who organized the Women's March. No, it is not by chance that the two are connected. And it is no coincidence that one of the main stars at the march was Madonna, the entertainer who earlier promised oral sex to all men who would vote for Killary. It must also be by chance that she did not fulfill her promise – there was a guy who actually rang her doorbell with the proof he voted for Killary, but the security at the door told him that he did not have any appointment for such a visit. She obviously does not know what she says very often. While performing during Soros' world-wide fashion show, she suggested to blow up White House… No wonder, she has to pay off a lot to those who keep her as their premium sales female robot for decades. She would do whatever to stay in the spotlight. Thus, it was not hard to find an idiot for this kind of talk who at the same time also claims to defend democracy.  

The fashionable detail on the marching models was a quasi-artistic touch of trash art, which can easily appeal to both men and women of various kinds - the victims of Cultural Marxism.

For this fashion occasion, George Soros picked the color pink. There were several rainbow appearances as well, but pink was the color of choice for this parade of new fashion accessories. Mothers and daughters can easily relate to pink and it can get emotional. Consumerism packed in heartbreaking commercials has done its job in imposing the color pink on girls. This is obvious brainwashing. And the other brainwashing was done in many women imitating the behavior of Hollywood stars or some of their characters from films, while the others like to imitate models from fashion shows. So many ordinary women want to pose around and so many Hollywood women have to pose around. 

King Salman of Saudi Arabia would probably wear this fashionable accessory, but he did not have time to attend due to being busy bombing Yemeni women and children in his neighborhood and jailing rape victims as offenders at home. Tzipi Livni would probably be present as a big defender of women's rights if there were no fear that she might face some investigations outside of the borders of the terrorist state of Israel for her involvement in committing war crimes in Gaza against women and children. But she sent Scarlett Johansson to march – she might be useful since she promotes goods from illegal Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine. Israel’s friends from Daesh probably cheered the march as well. They also admire trash art judging by their ways of communication with the outside world. Frau Merkel was silent this time, probably because Koblenz was too near and too real. However, admittedly, George Soros' new fashion achievement would look nice on Frau Merkel. Theresa May can put it on just half of her head, any half - this is appropriate for the role she plays now. Maybe that is why she sent Emma Watson from Harry Potter, the poor brainwashed Hollywood girl. But there is also Helen Mirren for a touch of seriousness - or not? Ariana Grande represented the Albanian heroin dealers lobby that financed her rise in MTV charts and donated money to Killary (they also made monuments to the Clintons in the occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija). Ariana Grande was probably sent to market research the crowd and to estimate the stash she should bring from Bondsteel warehouse the next time Uncle Soros makes some bizarre gathering and she is ordered to attend.  

And, of course, there had to be some Muslim woman, if possible Palestinian.

The globalists’ matrix picked up Palestinians long ago to be their scapegoat when in need.

The good choice was Linda Sarsour, a Brooklyn girl well known for posing in front of an FSA flag ('Free Syrian Army', better known as 'moderate terrorists') two years ago and for her involvement in Black Lives Matter (this was fashion guru Soros' dark creative phase, with black color prevailing, and numerous black lives involved which actually did not matter at all). She advocates Muslim rights directly from CNN, which also advocates drone operations, wars, illegal attacks on Muslim countries, and the massive displacement of both Muslim and Christian populations in the Middle East. Actually, it was CNN which made Daesh’s robocops global media stars and promoted their version of false Islam.

If Wolf Blitzer of CNN was not so busy hosting the globalists' pink fashion show in the studio, he would probably be on the front row screaming of joy while Madonna sings (badly). Blitzer may become candidate for the US' Conchita Wurst. Then him and Anderson Cooper would make an amazing duet to sing MTV hits blessed by the local rabbi – who preaches according to the Talmud. 

The other British colony, Australia, also joined in. Interestingly enough, until 1967, the British Crown didn’t treat Aborigines as human beings, who instead fell under the Flora and Fauna Act. Another colony, Canada, was full of solidarity, as Justin Trudeau is a real product of Western schizophrenia in public life and state administration. These two colonies balance out the half of the head of Theresa May that does not want to try Soros' brand new fashion accessories before she visits the US in several days and checks out Churchill's bust in the Oval Office. Then she will see. She is not obliged, neither by Brexit, nor by the EU. Nor by parliament or the Court. Anarchy is real in the UK when an Israeli soldier from the embassy can discuss assassinations and the UK government says an apology is enough. How nice and decent people they all are. 

The march and pink fashion show in Antarctica was probably coordinated by Pope Francis. It matches his casual style in white. Where is the Holy See heading these days? In the best days of John Paul II, in the  1980s, in London tourist shops there was aa white cotton t-shirt with a printed John Paul and the text 'I love Pope, because Pope is smoking dope'. Francis is not so much into dope, but more into GMO food. The Vatican has its own McDonald's now. Apart from that, the Pope accuses non-establishment European leaders of being Hitler-like, while he remains a casual Christian at the highest position on Earth for the Catholic (and Protestant) Christian community. One may wonder: does the Holy Father have something to do with George Soros' fashion show and its branch in Antarctica? Or was it just some pink organization sent for color therapy there? Or some “save the whales” crew? And does Soros give money to the Holy See to Hitler-label random people while both the Vatican and Soros' falling empire work for the real Nazis? The Vatican also helped Nazis to cross the pond after WWII and also helped to create the globalists’ military-industrial complex and NASA. 

Speaking of which, Agent Scully was also marching. And there were also some other Hollywood freaks sent to have a “revolutionary experience'.

It is too bad that Meryl Streep did not bother to appear – she rather likes cosy, glamorous, salon revolutionary fakeness while receiving some prize than going to fake street revolutions. She tweeted in glamour style.


As for the other group of glamorous snobs in Davos, they went completely out of their minds and complained about what has been happening worldwide. Isn't it bizarre? When Joe Biden was talking about the globalists retaking power, the light faded out. Isn't that a nice coincidence? The globalists in Davos also showed that they do not understand anything (and, of course, they have to weep). If they did understand, they would never organize a refugee simulation experience for the Davos clique as part of their program. They were put in an “extreme situation” like the one refugees find themselves in and were exposed to war-scenario simulations in which they had to crawl and pretend they were escaping a military attack. This was their best way of showing empathy and solidarity for suffering people. But the best part was them crawling on their bellies.