Eurasia Under Attack by Soros-backed Perverts


The influential ILGA organization (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) is proposing a large grant aimed at "improving the situation" of perverts in society.

Despite the fact that the grant project was developed by the European branch of the LGBT organization, a precondition of its awarding is its application to Eurasia. It is reported that the grantee’s actions must be aimed at Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, and Ukraine, i.e., those countries with fairly strong traditional values. In addition to Ukrainians, even the citizens of Georgia are in no hurry to be “Eurointegrated” despite the government’s activities. 

In addition, an important condition for the grant is that the recipient program must not be a pervert associations itself, but "those who have nothing to do with the community.” In fact, the text explicitly says that the homosexual organization is going to sponsor the loosening of traditional values and norms in Eurasia. In addition, it is possible that homosexuals will try to tackle the perversion of children, as is customary in Europe.

Recall that Russia was recently recognized as the most unfavorable place for LGBT activists. The country’s citizens have greeted the news with glee. 

Meanwhile, yesterday Baku hosted the first sex-change operation and, what is most important, it was done on  12-years-old child. Despite the fact that it was a medical case (the child had internal female sex organs and external male ones) and the surgeons were from the Ministry of Health and granted permits, it became a precedent. Many doctors and potential future patients have stated that the current operation opens the door for thousands of perverts to undergo sex-changes. 

Interestingly, after the European public learned that much of the organization’s funding is received directly from the EU treasury which is filled from tax revenues (Rights Equality and Citizenship Program 2014-2020 of the European Union), there were attempts to protest against such tax allocation.

However, the money lacked by the European branch of ILGA is paid in addition by George Soros. The Sigrid Rausing Trust (UK), Freedom House, and the US State Department are also donors of ILGA. 


In 2006, ILGA-Europe was granted United Nations Economic and Social Council consultative status.