Pirates of the Mediterranean: New Adventures of Illegal Migrants


The Turkish tanker El Hiblu-1 captured by illegal migrants off the coast of Libya, who had “saved” more than a hundred “refugees” from a sinking vessel before it, arrived in Malta. The epic of the migrant vessel, which the Italian authorities called the first case of migrant piracy in the Mediterranean, has been completed. Four "illegal immigrants" were detained by the Maltese police, and the rest, who allegedly did not take part in the seizure of the ship, were seated in the port of La Valletta by bus and taken away in an unknown direction.

The capture of the ship by migrants occurred after the fugitives to Europe realized that they were going to be taken back to Libya, a few miles away. To prevent this, the group of "refugees" took possession of the tanker and ultimately demanded that its captain take a course to Malta.

This is the official version of the incident, which has made a lot of noise today in Malta and in Italy, whose authorities refused to deal with the "pirates" and said they would not allow the ship into their territorial waters.

Salvini against the "pirates"

Vice Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of Italy Matteo Salvini kept his word, promising that these "pirates" "will see the Italian territorial waters only through a telescope." Little Malta can not afford such independence - it had to take another batch of "refugees". And by the way, they are very satisfied. The main thing is to get into the territory of the European Union, to any country, everything else now is no longer their problem.

We have to conclude that “piracy” in the Mediterranean will soon become a commonplace. Or its imitation.

Before explaining why, a few kind and respectful words should be said about the current government of Italy, serving its people, not the globalists from its Brussels branch and their American supporters, personified by the sinister figure of the “philanthropist” George Soros.

The leader of the Liga party, Salvini, may not be quite right that in this case there was “piracy”, since the collusion of the “illegal immigrants” with the crew and captain of the Turkish vessel cannot be ruled out either. However, he and the current Italian authorities in general succeeded in what was hypocritically considered impossible in Western Europe. Since the beginning of the year, only 300 "illegal immigrants" have been able to get into Italy by sea. This is 97% less than in the same period in 2017, and 94% less than last year. The ruling "League" and "5 Star Movement" are fulfilling their promises to the Italian people. While the authorities of Greece and Spain - the other main "sea gates" of the EU from the south - put the interests of the world behind the scenes above the good of their people, who are already groaning from the "refugees".

And the impossible is possible

The example of Italy shows the validity of what Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been talking about for a long time: do not believe the talk that it is impossible to stop illegal migration, and therefore Europeans have no choice but to accept millions of "refugees" meekly. When the authorities of a state have a desire to stop participating in the replacement of the population of Europe, positive results immediately make themselves felt.

Salvini, as the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, prohibited all ships of non-governmental organizations from entering Italian ports. As a result, the “fleet” of Soros actually ceased its activities in the Sicilian Channel, separating Italy from Libya.

Now the coast guard of this country destroyed by the West is engaged in migrants, and Italy is assisting in its preparation and supply of equipment. The last ship of the “human rights activists” that brought the “rescued” migrants to the Italian island of Lampedusa was confiscated, and an investigation was opened regarding the crew on suspicion of complicity with illegal migration.

A couple of years ago Austria managed to persuade a number of European countries to close the “Balkan route”. As a result, the illegal migration to the EU through Greece, which Turkey has encouraged, has sharply decreased (the Turks, by the way, are making money on this). Then smugglers of the living goods began to use Italy more actively for the delivery of migrants to Europe.

Under the nose of the European naval forces off the coast of Libya, numerous boats and whole ships with migrants met at the appointed places with the ships of “human rights activists”, on which they were transported further - to Italy or to Malta. Or they swam there themselves. They turned a blind eye to this, since the EU’s naval mission, Sophia, not only did not fight the delivery of "illegal immigrants", but also facilitated it in every way - the wicked alliance of smugglers of living goods and Soros' human rights activists flourished.

Now immigrants to Europe are trying to avoid Italy and  Libya.

Why is this done?

Neither the migrants, nor those whom the migrants spoil life, do not realize that the ultimate goal of all this is not to create a paradise on earth for people from Asia and Africa, where you don’t need to work and you can live beautifully. The goal is completely different - to sweep away European identities with the help of mass migration, to divide the population along ethnic and religious lines, to eliminate former social obligations, freedoms and democracy.

This is done to create a police state. And - “at the request of workers”, who will be happy with the simple opportunity to quietly go out into the street. Alas, only those whom numerous supporters of an “open society” represent as “right-wing populists,” “racists,” and “fascists” act against this very real future. And this is sad.