Obama, Biden and the neocons are supporting Hillary


United States President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will speak late on Wednesday at a meeting of the Democratic National Convention of the Democratic Party. Both heavyweights intend to support Hillary Clinton in order to show absolute party unity, and to quell the grass-roots ranks of the delegates of Bernie Sanders, who showed their total outrage at the process despite Sanders suspending his campaign and backing Clinton.

The struggle for a good image

Hillary Clinton last night secured the nomination as the official Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States. The system of super-delegates, party functionaries, the efforts of the National Committee of the Party, which the public was again reminded of through its open violation of all the rules and moral norms, when used for Clinton against Bernie Sanders, was not in vain. However, the scandal which Wikileaks exposed through published documents, and the refusal of the majority of supporters of Bernie Sanders to support Clinton, despite the appeal of Sanders himself, can be very costly to the reputation of Clinton. More over, Sanders supporters in an already divided party were incensed, outraged and even a bit humiliated when Sanders himself moved to suspend the convention rules requiring a roll-call vote to determine the nomination. As a result, numerous pro-Sanders delegates were not even able to have their support for Sanders registered on the historical record of the party convention. This was intended to demonstrate the unity of the Democrats in support of Clinton, but may have had an opposite effect instead. Therefore, unity is not expected.

Obama and Biden are unconvincing and already discredited

It is unlikely that Obama and Biden will have a serious impact upon supporters of Bernie Sanders at the convention, and this is all the more true for Sanders supporters in the rest of the country. Obama has totally discouraged the American left; instead of the promised peace, he unleashed the war in Libya and Syria, contributed to regime change in the Middle East, helped to conduct a coup in Ukraine, which resulted in a bloody war. Biden was a faithful assistant to Obama and is known as a hawk equal to Clinton in his depravity. In addition, social inequality in the American society continued to increase, and some of the most high-profile murders of black people took place precisely during the Obama presidency.

Democrats: party of war and imperialism

But once again, the neoconservatives gave full support to Clinton. Supporters of rabid American imperialism and world liberal revolution, former Trotskyists and disciples of the philosopher Leo Strauss, who consider themselves the chosen elite who should rule the Americans, by hook or by crook as a result of their twisted interpretation of the Platonic 'noble lie', have relied on a woman known for her hawkish stance. Neocons seek to create a global liberal empire at the expense of the United States constitution and American people, based on the US's economic, political, and military potential. For the rest of the world, a pairing of Hillary plus the neocons would certainly mean a course for war.

Clinton will not be able to unite the party, and many Democrats will vote for either Donald Trump because of his non-interventionist plan, or the Green Party candidate Jill Stein as a radical protest vote, or even just sit the elections out, thus protesting against the nomination of Clinton and the evil and corrupt system. However, along with the neocons, the fanatical adherents of American exceptionalism and the supporters of war with all the rest of the world will join the ranks of Clinton’s supporters.