Trust issues. What's wrong with the world portrayed by the American Media


People in the United States have finally figured out that the nomenklatura is our enemy. This establishment is not representative of Americans, it is not consistent with constitutional government, and it is undermining rather than furthering our national interests, especially with these wars of choice.

I think one of the things we have to point out here is the existence of the “alternative” media. There was a recent study that only one third of the American public actually believes what they hear in the official corporate media, which are simply bulletin boards for government propaganda.

The alternative media and foreign media are becoming like what “samizdat” was in the Soviet Union. More and more Americans are turning to other news sources to hear what is going on in the world and what their government is actually is doing.

It is beginning to make a difference. I would say that this is in some way similar to what happened during the breakdown of the Soviet system in the mid-1980s, when the grip of the ruling oligarchy was weakening, and at the same time more and more people simply did not believe to what they were being told. I think a similar kind of downward spiral of power, which is connected to the official media, is occurring here in the United States.

In that sense, I am optimistic. Within a few years, I am guessing about five, we could see a very new structure here in the United States, and this would involve a change in how we view war and peace reporting and the information we get about the outside world.

The trouble is that whenever you have in a ruling class that feels that its power, privileges, and wealth are being threatened, there is always the temptation of adventurism, the notion that they can roll the dice to provoke some kind of a conflict that would preserve the existing order. They may not do this consciously in a sense of wanting the start of war, but they may be willing to risk it with irresponsible behavior somewhere.

There are many people around Hillary Clinton who were utterly irresponsible in what they are calling for. For example, Michèle Flournoy, Hillary’s designated Secretary of Defense, who wants to start bombing the Syrian forces as soon as they take office in January 2017. Or Mike Morell, the former acting director of Central Intelligence Agency, who wants to start assassinating Russian and Iranian personnel in Syria and doing it in a way that they know they we are the ones behind killing them. We have these parades of armored vehicles right along the Russian border in the Baltic States, we have American planes and ships buzzing Russian territorial waters in the Back Sea and the Baltic Sea. We have people who want to have a forceful response to the Chinese presence in the South China Sea.

Any one of these things presents the possibility of something that could go terribly wrong. Moreover, we may find ourselves in a confrontation with one or perhaps two nuclear powers with unforeseeable consequences. People here always talk about who the “Hitler of the month” is – it is Milosevic, it is Gaddafi, it is Saddam Hussein. It is now, of course, Vladimir Putin.

They always talk about 1938 -1939 – that we are in a “Munich moment.” In my opinion, we are in a “1914 moment” that nobody really counted on. We have found ourselves in a very dangerous place for America and for the world that maybe nobody counted on but was participated by warlike and irresponsible behavior.