The main reason why Trump won


One of the main reasons why  Donald Trump won this election is because American people don't trust official media anymore. Actually Americans don't have any real news. They didn't know about the danger of war with Russia, the media didn't mention that.

But Americans know that the economy is bad because they are suffering and hungry. They know that the economy does not serve them, it serves only the one percent. A few people are getting very rich while others are grounded in debt.

There are no jobs for the young people. Young people, even university graduates, have to live with their parents because they can't find any employment. They know that the domestic economic system doesn't act for them.

People are unaware of foreign affairs, they don't know anything about why we are in Syria or anything about our conflicts with other countries. They are told lies, but they don't know whether to believe news or not.

There was a big effort to convince Americans of the existence of a "Russian threat". Media claimed that Russia attacked Europe and invaded Ukraine. People couldn't see it without turmoil. So, the media is distrusted.

What's happened is that people saw that the economy was not going to serve them. They saw that immigration changed their country, the character of their neighborhood, their minds and the issue of public safety. And they witnessed how authorities failed to solve these problems. So the government has lost prestige. The people have lost confidence in this hegemonic government and its media.

Therefore, when American people finally figured out that Trump comes alone, saying things they already believe, they supported him. They said: "look! He is not one of the oligarchs, he is not a part of the people who have been ruining this situation for us. We don't know really much about him, but we know he is not one of them, so let's support him!".

This is the way Americans are making decisions now. It's not that they have really good sources of information, it's just they can see that the people they oppose to hate Trump. So, they are for him. It's an old saying: "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". They like Trump because the establishment doesn't like him. So, they know that he is not one of them, he may be someone who will help people.

That's how the people made their decision. They don't have really good sources of information, they just have a great disaffection and they can see the oligarchy candidate that expressed this disaffection. And they supported Trump.