Human rights activists claim China's strong influence on censorship in Hollywood

Thursday, 6 August, 2020 - 13:47

The American branch of the free speech literary community PEN has published a 94-page report on China's impact on Hollywood films.  According to human rights activists, in the end, admiration for the wishes of the Middle Kingdom and the pursuit of Chinese money will lead to the fact that a wide audience will stop watching Hollywood films.

US Attorney General William Barr, Senator Ted Cruz, and the literary organization PEN America agreed that something must be done about China's colossal influence on Hollywood. 

Over the years, studios have been adapting films to the demands of the Chinese authorities in order to gain access to the second largest grossing market in the world.  But now the US government and a new report from a human rights nonprofit that defends free speech could put Hollywood on the defensive, reported.  Recently, the researchers note, Hollywood studios have begun to practice preventive self-censorship in anticipation of Beijing's wishes.  James Tager, one of the authors of the report and PEN Deputy Director for Free Speech Policy and Research, said the organization is very concerned about this issue.  According to human rights activists, in the pursuit of Chinese money, Hollywood studios will go bankrupt sooner or later, because the general public will simply stop watching their films.