Hollywood embodies George Orwell’s idea of doublethink


As an essayist, I’m working on research considering the manipulation of Hollywood movies. This is nothing new; there are many books about it. But there is always something to learn. In a way, sociology has been weaponized by Hollywood and it is well known that many Hollywood producers officially collaborate with the Pentagon. This means that screenplays go to the Pentagon where analysts advise them in terms of political agenda. The Pentagon offers a lot of help in exchange for this collaboration.

A lot of Hollywood movies in fact contain very strong, manipulating content. They create the image of the enemy. This is a very simple sort of manipulation. But there are much more interesting manipulations. For example, lots of people, especially in the West, think that people from the CIA are dumb. This is an interesting myth which Hollywood successfully implanted. At the same time, Hollywood movies promote the idea that the CIA is incredibly efficient and merciless. So, basically, the Western public is living in a sort of permanent cognitive dissonance, a sort of doublethink. This is very effective method. It is a kind of a mental dividing rule.

Recently, we have witnessed another phenomenon which is much more subtle and sophisticated than the previous one. Now we no longer have an image of the enemy, but we see a struggle between different opinions on what being good means. We have only good characters fighting: Batman vs. Superman, Captain America, etc. This is a representation of conflict between parts of the establishment, both of which are considered to be good.

What is the purpose of this new kind of manipulation? Well, it could be the preparation of a civil war in the United States. Of course, this is only a speculation and might be on the wrong path of thought.