I am a science fiction writer and particular interested about what is happening in this field. I’m also interested in Politics – I wrote a book about September 11. I’m also interested in searching links between the reality and the world of imagination, represented by science fiction.

We are living in a very strange age, in which reality has turned weirder than in many science fiction scenarios. For a century or so, science fiction has been an intellectual movement of people who would understand the present very well and imagine a future that would extrapolate from understandable presence. Main theme for a future was a technological development, but starting from the 60s, with writers like Robert Sheckley, it became also a future which would be different from sociological point of view.

Today we are living in the age, where technological development, both the hard science and technological applications, as well as the science of sociological has led science fiction authors of being suppressed by reality. It is very difficult to write science fiction when you don’t know all the things that actually had been invented and when you don’t understand sociological manipulations which are taking place.

I’ve been studying politics and what is happening especially in the West. I read a book about 09/11, which was very different from official narrative. I also realized that Muslim science fiction authors seem not really have understood the extent of the deception that has been thrown upon the world. So, they are inside official narrative of these events, which is very implausible both from the scientific point of view and from the logical. They extrapolate the future which has no solid basis in the present reality, because they fail to recognize some very important things of present moment. From this misunderstanding they describe the future which can’t possibly be.

Of course science-fiction is not the art of prediction of future. It is a vision of plausible future possible. So, it is important to understand present. We have studies on weapons made by DARPA that science fiction is not even aware of. Probably there is a lag of ten years between what the military complex scientists are developing and what general public is informed about. We are living in this strange Era. It’s like someone has jumped in the future for ten years with time machine and prepared things that we all unaware of. This is my kind of a trouble with science fiction. The reality has become much weirder and it is more difficult to foresee future than present.